Art Through Ezekiel
  1. Immediately follows Language Arts.
  2. Teacher preselects verses to be covered--not too many. Only cover verses for one drawing. Each verse in Ezekiel is covered. If the first three verses are about the wall of the city, only three verses are covered that day. They are read responsively.
  3. Teacher draws his ideas for the passage on the blackboard.
  4. Scholar comes forward to draw the same.
  5. Scholar draws them on blank paper (reverse side of used paper can be used, if necessary). Date and reference (e.g., Ezekiel 48:).


  • In Year 5 and year 6, systematically went through the entire book of Ezekiel. It took 1.5 school years to complete the study. In addition to basic line drawing we made models and had to special teachings based on what we read--markets, child birth, architecture, etc.
  • This study helped us to better understand the scriptures.
  • At some point I asked Hannah if she had ideas for a passage, and she did. It ended up that I liked her ideas very much and only rarely overrode her ideas.