How we used the Bible to teach Language Arts
Year 2

Reading Comprehension       Click here for a Romans wall chart
        Reading   |||   Click here for the green sheet. (forthcoming)      original_green_sheets
        Summarizing, Penmanship, Spelling, Vocabulary, Dictionary Skills
In Year 2 we did extensive Language Arts work in Ancient History--dictation, writing summaries, penmanship, spelling, punctuation, etc. See notes below for supplementary Language Arts teachings. Also see the Sample Year 2 Schedule for how these elements can be integrated into a school day.


Ah, that the sanctified teacher be totally enraptured and ravished by this princely book! It and Hebrews have the name among the three. Jesus Christ our knight in shining armor. Man's miserable state revealed and the only answer to that misery, Jesus Christ the Saviour and sinbearer of the world. Worship.

Supplementary Language Arts teachings: