Monday, January 18, 2010




Embassy of the Netherlands
Washington, DC  20008

            Re:  The Honourable Geert Wilders

Dear Sirs:

I hereby wish to submit my protest against the upcoming trial of the Honourable Geert Wilders.   In releasing the Fitna Movie, Mr. Wilders has done his country and all of mankind a great service in revealing the tyranny of Islam and its plans for worldwide domination.  Mr. Wilders is a true patriot who alerted his country to the imminent dangers lurking within its borders.  In the movie there is actual footage from within the mosque calling for an overthrow of the Netherlands and Europe.  Any Dutchman who says that Mr. Wilders committed a crime in divulging this threat is a traitor to the Netherlands.  This trial itself is a treasonous act committed by traitors.

When releasing Fitna and divulging the Islamic plan to take over his country, could Mr. Wilders have imagined that he would be put on trial as a criminal?   Mr. Wilders showed great courage in releasing this film in this day of brutal suppression of the truth.  And, incidentally, where are the killers and conspirators whose faces are on that video?  Are they out free and rejoicing????????  Are they smiling and laughing and gloating?  How do these openly hostile immigrants get more rights than citizens, yea than lawmakers like Mr. Geert?  Who is behind this travesty?

Muslims are raping girls across Europe, Africa, Asia, and who knows where else.  They have bombed my country, the United States of America, and have big plans for us too.  I AM SO GLAD FOR THE WARNING OF FITNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH, THANK YOU, MR. WILDERS, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

If Mr. Wilders is tried and convicted for telling the truth, who is next?  Where will the Thought Police strike next in this Orwellian nightmare?  Muslims are (in the name of Allah)--

*cutting off breasts and heads,
*breaking skulls,
*mutilating genitals,
*committing genocide,
*killing Christians,
*threatening every country that they enter,
*building more mosques and outlawing churches,
and meanwhile they are using our wonderful constitutions and courts to protect themselves while they sue us, kill us, and wage their jihads on our precious soil.  

Our politicians around the world are selling us wholesale into the hands of Islam--and into the hands of that power that is orchestrating the destruction of national sovereignty and freedom.   

Sirs, do you belong to this rank of  politicians?

What is the Netherlands?  A sovereign, independent, caring, peaceful state--or a place to brutally and arbitrarily suppress the truth?  A place of truth and justice--or a place to criminalize your brave statesmen and let terrorists run free?  A place that protects its citizens or a place to viciously destroy any dissent?  A place of free speech--or a place to suppress every word that is contrary to the plans of an unseen hand?  A place of law--or a place of arbitrary, despotic, tyrannical power that tramples over constitutions?

The trial of Geert Wilders is an outrage.  I read that the press is not going to be allowed to view the proceedings.  Why?  What secrets are there to hide?  And why is there a trial against Geert Wilders instead of a permanent deportation of the would-be insurgents featured in the film and an investigation into the nature of Islam and what it means for your country?

How thankful I am for those who are standing by the Honourable Geert Wilders.  I hope that he will receive a copy of this letter and be encouraged in this his hour of trial by fire.  The day is soon coming when all of the accounts will be settled (Matthew 16:24-27).   May we all be ready for that day.  That courtroom will be perfectly just, its decisions final--and eternal.

In concluding this letter, I will say this:  I would like to see this travesty end before it goes any further.  I would like to see Mr. Wilders go free--he should have never been charged with a crime in the first place.  But if Mr. Wilders does not go free, if he is not exonerated, I hope that many, many people across the face of this big, wide world are aroused and awakened as to what is happening before our very eyes--and I hope that they will never accept it, i.e., the criminalization of the truth.