Note (July 2014): I was very ignorant, but concerned, when I wrote this particular webpage (I've tweaked it some, but it is substantially the same). This is not to say that the things written here are not true, but I was still inside the trapped-knowledge system. I complained for years on end that something was wrong with us Americans, and now I can see what is. Please see the index letter and index page for This is no time to be sleepy, I suggest that they who have an ear to hear printout the index page out and read it. Re-check the page for updates every once in a while.

A Warning


Dear Friends,

Greetings. I've had to disappear for these last few years--and I am still not ready to reappear--but I must send out this warning to those few that I know in the event that you are not aware of what is happening. I still do not watch television and I still abhor it. I do not know what each person on this list does concerning television, but I am sending out this warning anyway. I was off of the internet completely for a year and thought that I'd never get back on it again, but I am back online now--at least for a little while--though I want out of it. I like life away from it. The enemy seeks total control and surveillance of every move. Someone updating my computer automatically is actually very shocking to me (the updates that just pop-up on their own). But when we let ourselves get used to these invasions, we allow more and more encroachments into our privacy and freedom. Soon there will be none left. They've even developed a scanner for the airport that shows you down to the naked skin, genitalia and all. I didn't like it when they made me take my hat off when I went to the Capitol--imagine my incredulity when I found out about this scanner invasion...

The warnings:

  • Islam is looking to take over your country. Watch the Fitna movie if you have not seen it (careful things change on the internet, websites seem to be being taken over)--
  • Islam is destroying Europe as Muslims *openly and constantly litigate and demand rights, *assassinate, *threaten to behead people, etc. Young Muslim boys run in gangs to rape girls and intimidate European boys. In Britain, there are Muslim taxicab drivers who are raping their female clients. One UK tv woman was fired because she asked a taxicab company to send an Englishman to pick up her 14 year old daughter--constant Muslim litigation threats keep fear high. [Note: The cavilers, raisers of false objections, would seek to cavilously call out racism, when in fact, most Americans don't even care about race. Many of us learned in school that America is the melting pot (we did not know then that that was tenderizing us up to allow people to come here and vote to put their own people in charge of our government. Some of us never learn that. A special person provided me with Samuel Breese Morse's (inventor of Morse code) Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United States through Foreign Immigration, and the present state of the Naturalization Laws. (1835). The Mother and her Jesuits have a starring role.)]
  • The Dutch Parliamentarian (a lawmaker) that made the Fitna movie to warn his people has been charged as a criminal and, if convicted, may serve up to two years in jail for inciting hatred towards Islam (in Fitna, Muslims cut off a man's head and hold it up to the camera, plow into the world trade center, mutilate women, preach to overthrow Europe, etc.) He tells what Europe is like with the influx of Muslim immigration. Mr. Wilders, the filmmaker, is from the Netherlands, where the Hague is situated--"the legal capital of the world" run by the UN. One "ministry" noted that it did not matter if what the filmaker said was true about Muslims--what mattered is that him saying it was not legal. [Note: Freedom of speech [is] quickly [eroding] away across the face of the earth, including here in America. The man of sin, that Wicked, is coming and his way is being prepared.] [CONSIDERATION: This earth is filled with one big acting troop that has actors of every sort, script writers, courts, media channels, publishers, etc. It is not impossible that a court "battle" can be waged and brought to the public light in order to sway public opinion. Stories are the order of the day (this article has a section dealing with, a book Tools of the New Governance, etc. If you watch television and are worldly, you don't need to go in all these directions. You need to get your house in order--get saved, study your Bible, and live holily.). It is constantly acting out (and publishing) dramas big and small which can actually tell a person what is going to happen--they precise instructions for the great, distractions for the small. They are roadmaps for the great, confusion for the small (with lightened eyes, information for the small).]
  • Muslim rape in Europe is an horrifying epidemic. . . [I read it] is a form of jihad -- or search for, "Muslim rape" in google. Islam is very lustful. 72 virgins for a man's pleasure in paradise. The powers, the subalternes, are selling out the world's citizenry to a brutalizing force. Muslims are killing Christians in other countries--see Voice of the Martyrs.
  • The "Beltway snipers, " John MUHAMMAD and Malvo were Muslims waging jihad. The younger sniper, Malvo, wrote letters and drew pictures in jail of violence, bin Laden, and the words, "jihad" and "Allah Akbar" (Allah is great), the Muslim rallying cry. He wrote about "white devils"--thereby implicating [in my mind] the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan boasted that his group made room for Islam in America. See Malvo's pictures here-- I have read that "Allah" is not Arabic for God. Allah is a specific god like Molech or Satan who is the god of this world.
  • The Fort Hood massacre was committed by a Muslim in the U.S. military, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was waging jihad. He shouted, "Allah Akbar!" as he gunned down his fellow soldiers. The Pentagon did not even mention the words, "Muslim" or "Islam" in their final 86-page report on Fort Hood. ... The cries of "hate speech" and "anti-Muslim" and "multi-culturalism" oppress our Constitutional right of free speech while Muslim QUICKLY assert their right to free speech--including holding up signs in Europe such as, "DEATH TO INFIDELS" and, "BEHEAD BLASPHEMERS OF ISLAM".
  • The 911 attacks were not simply the work of "extremists"; they were the work of Islam, period. The media and the government have blocked out the nature of Islam as if to keep us asleep as Islam takes over. They separate between extremists and moderates. Their book, the Quran, makes no such distinction. It is death to all infidels.
  • The Michigan mosque leader who was killed in a shootout was preaching anti-American sentiment and dealing in stolen goods. A politician ask the federal government to investigate whether law enforcement should go undercover in houses of worship...
  • All those mosques you see popping up are funded every time you put gas in your car. They must preach overthrowing their host country because world domination is a focal in the Quran and is "Allah's" will. Allah is a very powerful and violent spirit.
  • There are Muslim training camps on U.S. soil--and the government knows it (
  • There are Muslim "honor killings" in the U.S. but law enforcement does not call them that. They are called things like, a "domestic disturbance" or a crime [committed] by a "mentally disturbed" individual.
  • Islam intends to enact their violent Sharia law everywhere and if a female does not dress according to their standards, men can rape her no matter what her age is. These thugs often do not stop with just rape and they often rape in gangs.
  • Some Muslim families actually have their daughters raped under certain circumstances to teach them a lesson.
  • Hostile, aggressive Muslims come in various countries waging jihad and then use the wonderful laws and constitutions to cry that they have a right to free speech. Meanwhile they sue people in those countries under libel, slander, and hate speech laws. They are a terror everywhere they go.
  • At the links below, there is more information on this issue, including a link to an article entitled, "The Process of Islamization" published by the Islamic Society of North America where a Muslim describes how they will take over.
  • Our government is becoming more and more overtly communist. I have my eyes on some candidates--including one that specifically addresses Islamization--and I have every intention of voting in this upcoming election--the first time in probably over a decade.
  • Muslims are converting criminals in jail to Islam. Muhammad was a thug too. In the Sudan, Muslim thugs fighting for "Allah" got to keep the booty that they could plunder (including raping and selling victims as slaves) and Islam got the land.

A few more items--

  • The Deception Series has been updated--especially see, "THE MOTHER" The preaching by the late Dr. Alberto Rivera is timely.
  • for those that have ears to hear.
  • The Workes by King James VI & I is now online. It includes an excellent summary of The Workes-- Also see, "King James has a message that Rome does not want you to hear," at The king said that in these last days the Roman Catholic institution would be for the breaking of the first table of the law (the first four of the ten commandments) and that the Turk (the Muslim) would be for the breaking of the second table of the law. I don't know how he knew that the Mahometan (follower of Muhammad) would come forth as the fierce, brutal killer of the end times, but I read this with my own eyes. Given what I know about Islam and Rome no one has a chance of a peaceable existence under these oppressors. That is how it is with Rome and that is how it is with Islam. There is no such thing as mercy or clemency--you will either be an oppressed, fearful, suffering victim or you will die in an horrible manner.
  • Our food supply is becoming full of dangerous GMOs, see "GMO trilogy" on YouTube. The world is being overrun and should the Lord not come back no flesh should be saved. Some unfortunate gardeners are now finding that farm animal dung is totally destroying their soil because of what the animals are animal dung used to be a staple for my plants...
  • The resources that I've mentioned here are fraught with links--including one website (Christian Action Network) where you can see actual footage of Islamic training camps, one in Virginia. One DVD was snuck out of a government meeting--it was supposed to have been buried in a room somewhere by our treasonous government but this person snuck it out.
  • Moving out to the country won't help; they are buying up cheap land in isolated areas for terrorist training camps.

I won't go on. These times are to make us white. Daniel 11 teaches that they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits, and they that understand among the people shall instruct many. To me, this means that it is time to teach--even if the enemy wants me quiet. The Bible also teaches that the Lord is going to return for a church without spot and without blemish. To me, this means that it is time to get ready because only he that has wrought the will of the Father is going to make it. He that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved so it is time to gird up the loins of my mind because this going to be a turbulent ride. The days are growing darker and darker by the moment. The night cometh when no man can work. There is a message beginning at the top of the index page. One to the unsaved followed by one to the saved. Please read it...

Below I've cut and pasted some information, including the links mentioned above. Some of it [may] overlap with what you read above--


  • The Process of Islamization Published by the Islamic Society of North America, Plainfield, Indiana, 1976, Fourth Printing -January 1983 --they openly tell us they are taking over and our government stands back. Islam is that terrible secular arm that will have absolutely no mercy. Some of us have seen and heard of what they've done in the Sudan and across the world. I can see how it will be worse than at any other time in history. Their own women are not exempt from their terrors. They behead them, mutiliate them and do as they please. Instead of punishing the rapist, the Muslim female rape victim gets lashed...

    Islam is a threat to our freedom. This is no understatement.

  • Our government is classically communist at this point. Obama bought GM--in communist governments, the government owns the means of production--the major industries. Americans are beginning to sound like communists too.
  • Man in charge of SEIU (Service Employees Interational Union) was said to be most frequent visitor to the White House said something like this with a laugh, "little people unite" or "workers of the world unite". It sounded just like it came out of the mouth of Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto. These two men were not alone in developing this document. Never forget the whore.