The Ten: A Survey of Genesis


Gen. 1-2

The Fall of Man
Gen. 3

Cain & Abel
Gen. 4

Noah & the Flood
Gen. 6-9

Babel & Peleg
Gen. 11
(earth divided in Peleg's days, see 10:25)

Gen. 12-23
(beginning of Jewish nation; received two great promises--a nation and a land)

Gen. 24-26

Gen. 27-35
(name changed to "Israel"; begets 12 sons hence, "the 12 tribes of Israel")

Joseph sold into Egypt by his brothers
Gen. 37-40
Rest of the children of Israel join Joseph in Egypt because of famine
Gen. 41-50
(they came as guests of Pharoah, king of Egypt. They would eventually become slaves in Egypt under a new Pharoah--see Exodus)