[Disclaimer: This page represents my own beliefs, experiences, and practices. It is not medical advice. I did my research and each reader must do his own. I am not responsible for how a person uses, misuses, or does not use this information. I am not a doctor. This is what happened to me, my own personal testimony. I eat shrimp, but shrimp can make some people die because they are allergic to it. Everybody cannot do everything that everybody else does.]

Sinus Treatment Protocols

After I had my tonsils removed I had seven years of constant sinus infections. How I suffered and despaired of life. At night, I sat up on the couch to sleep. Those "vestigal" organs are not vestigal--some throw away function of "evolution". They are an important part of the immune system that I paid someone to cut out. There is no evolution and there are no vestigal organs.

After four sinus operations (I had to find the right doctor), I got a lot of relief, but every once in a while, when I get what others call a cold, I get a sinus infection. This doesn't occur too often--maybe every year or two or three--but it won't seem to go away until I go and get antibiotics from my ENT (ear, nose, & throat doctor). [BIG, IMPORTANT UPDATE: in 2014, I had a cold and could tell the sinus infection was pretty much there. I looked in a Vitamin C book and saw where a man just started taking massive doses of Vitamin C until he felt better. It ended up others who had what he had died. As he went on, he tried taking a whole bottle throughout the day--he was not reaching bowel tolerance (you get diarrhea when your body has had enough), his body was using it up. With his testimony in mind, I started taking Vitamin C (I had read up on it previously and felt safe taking large doses)--a lot of it and was not reaching bowel tolerance (it might normally be 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams for me), it was obvious that the body was using it up. It acted like the antibiotics I would take, even to the crackly feel of the infection breaking up in my sinus cavity. I did not go to the doctor. I learned in this instance that vitamin C is a healer. The book: Vitamin C: The Real Story by Steve Hickey, PhD and Andrew W. Saul, PhD. As I recall, vitamin C is and antibiotic that is effective against viruses.]

This time, I've dragged my feet about going. (The future of the church is the woods--no grocery store, no doctors (Revelation 13:17) so I may as well figure out how to help myself now.) It's not cleared up, but it's better. [Update: it is now completely cleared up with no contribution from any doctor. The salt water irrigations drove it back and almost completely eliminated it although I was not faithful to keep them up and then when allergy season came along, my allergy treatment cleared it up completely quite unexpectedly (see below).]

1. Keep nasal passages clear.
I try to keep my nasal passages clear by blowing my nose so they don't get blocked up where bacteria can thrive like in a culture. If blocked, I will place pressure on side of nose in the area of the sinus and move my hand around in a circle to loosen it up so mucus can loosen up and then I blow it. When I am asleep, if I feel one side is clogged up, I find that if I turn my head the other way, "the clog" goes to the other side. That is good because air can get to each sinus in turn.

2. Submerge in Water
I run about half a sink full of warm water, submerge my face, and blow bubbles out of my nose. I also massage my sinuses under the water. (I read that people who swim in the salt water do not seem to get sinus infections). The warmth of the water seems to loosen up the sinuses and mucus. I carefully blow my nose--I may put very slight pressure on the open nostril to force air out of the other, but one should not put total pressure on the good nostril because when blowing, this may force water into the ear canal which is not good. I do not submerge just before bed because I do not want the water in my ears when I lay down [1].

3. Irrigate With Saline Solution (salt water) & Experiments with Dilute Urine
I irrigate my nostrils with a saline treatment. Approximate measurements:

          2 tsp salt
          2/3 tsp baking soda
          16 oz. warm water [if tap water is left sitting out with no top so the chlorine can evaporate--it takes 24 hours]

I stir all the dry ingredients in the warm warm to dissolve [sometimes I've stirred in a drop or two of iodine].
I take a bulb syringe and irrigate each nostril several times. When irrigating the left nostril, the bulb points slightly towards my left ear. When irrigating the right, the bulb points slightly towards my right ear. Doing it this way is new for me. If done this way, some water from the left nostril will come out of the right nostril when irrigating it, and vice versa. I think I may have spread the infection from the left nostril to the right in this way so now I irrigate the worst one first (the left) and then irrigate the other left to clean out the remnants of that "bad" nostril. I used to only stick the bulb straight up in the nostril and irrigate. I do not remember water coming out of the other nostril. Plain tap water with nothing added hurts me very much.

During allergy season, I have used diluted urine with great success to treat my allergies. In the course of so doing, I actually cleared up a long standing sinus infection. [4/6/11 Update: During this allergy season, I have made some great finds--one of which is the great benefits of "mechanically" removing the pollen by submerging my face in the water (and flushing out my ears with a bulb syringe maybe once daily and gargling to remove pollen from the throat area). I also wash my face. I do this first thing in them morning and maybe a time or two during the day. Today, I took no allergy treatments. When I sneezed, I mechanically removed the pollen and the attack did not continue.]

Notes: (1) I do not like nasal drops. They can settle in the ears. They have hurt me before. I would never put drops in a baby's nose. [Update: I had some issues recently and after clearing my sinuses by blowing my nose, I put in a dropper of 50:50 urine:water in each nostril and sniffed lightly to treat my sinuses and nasopharynx area.] (2) Irrigating flushes out the passages. Without the correct ratio of ingredients (there are a number of recipes out there), this could sting and be very painful. Just irrigating with regular tap water alone will sting. Saline solutions can be purchased under various names, but they are basically salt and water. (3) As far as I can tell with my recipe, the salt kills and the baking soda prevents stinging. [Update: I like the NeilMed Sinus Rinse that is found in some over-the-counter sections of drug stores and grocery stores. It includes a bottle that you squeeze to irrigate your nose, powder (salt and baking soda in correct proportion--they don't advise to use tap water, but I do and it works out fine.) to put into water, and an excellent booklet on the sinuses.). I purchased the system for the booklet and have not been disappointed. It gave me increased understanding and mentioned that the need for allergy medication could be decreased or negated.]

4. Clear
I keep my head tilted forward to let the excess water drain out of my nostrils. I gently blow my nose to clear my nostrils and get further excess moisture out of my nostrils. Both nostrils must be open (don't hold one down) when blowing so that water is not forced into the ear canal. The nasal passages and ears do not want to sit in water. I use a warm moist towel and breathe in the warm, moist air as it relaxes my sinuses. If you do not have tissue, don't forget grandfathers of days gone by that used hankerchefs. Towels or whatever you have can be used and rinsed out.

5. Vick's Salve (Menthol Rub)
I apply this to the sides of my nostrils and rub it in. I also apply it under my nose and around the rim of my nostrils (directions say do not do this) to keep my sinuses open. During the rough times, I keep this near my bed to apply during the night, if necessary. [Aside: I've found that crushed peppermint seems to open them up the sinuses somewhat, but I need to do more experiments. I made a salve from peppermint and added some tea tree oil, great for the lips. Peppermint is a FANTASTIC digestive aid--upset stomach, eat a few leaves and it is gone in short order. I put strands of peppermint plant in my window and it keeps ants away, they do do not like the smell. Peppermint is invasive and grows like a weed. Any little piece you miss in the yard can take off. Mine is in a large container but breaks through the cracks. I've heard to plant them in a bottomless flower pot buried in the ground]

6. Drink Water (and eat whole foods)
Water helps the mucus flow and keeps the body cleaned out. I don't do so well with this but I believe that adequate water is critical to good health--many of us are in a state of settled dehydration. On a good night, I keep 1-2 quarts of ice water (in an juice container, etc. with a lid) in my room and drink before bed and in the night.

Our bodies are made from the dust of the ground and we need the minerals from the ground to empower our amazing immune system that fights off disease. We have a little poem here that highlights our dependence on processed, denatured foods and on the corporate world. Here is part of it--

God made whole things, what is Spam?
If groceries closed, there'd be riots in the land.
What is a Cheeto? Why is flour enriched?
Who even cares that we've fallen in a ditch?

Our dog likes milk. He would not drink powdered milk. He smelled it an walked away. I had an experience with spreadable margarine, looked it up and found out a lot. I wondered about microwaves (how they heated) and learned about how they cause physiological changes to the blood. They were once called, "radiation" ovens. God made whole things--a whole chicken, not nuggets. Homemade/homegrown potatoes, sweet potatoes. Brown rice. meat broth/water, spices, and vegetable to make your own soup, etc. Abandon that wicked tv allows people time to live. [UPDATE (2/2014): Based on an incident I read of in Steve Hickey and Andrew Saul's important, easy to understand book, "Vitamin: The Real Story" (chapter 6, first two paragraphs starting on page 103) I took massive amounts of vitamin C when I was becoming more and more closed up with what was probably a sinus infection. Soon after I began taking the vitamin C, I could discern the "crackling" in my nasal cavity like what happens when I take antibiotics for a sinus infection. I took vitamin C for a little over a day and did not have to make my usual visit to the doctor for antibiotics.]

[1] I once had an intense ear ache after going swimming. A swimming instructor told me that that is called, "swimmer's ear," she told me to make a solution and put a drop or drops in my ear. She said that it is basically the same thing that they sell over-the-counter. It worked ASAP. Corporations have been making a lot of money off of our ignorance. Here is the formula she gave me--

  • 75% alcohol
  • 25% vinegar