One day I found several potatoes in my pantry overgrown with eyes. I had recently given a plat of land to my daughter in imitation of how Jacob gave a plat to Joseph. It was in a far, unused, dusty corner where more than one bush lived a short life and died. We had prayer in it and put a few Bible plants in it.

I decided to throw those three potatoes in it in an area that had a small mound of dirt on top of the ground. I didn't know to feed the ground, I just threw the potatoes in. I don't remember giving it any attention. No pesticides, herbicides, etc. Bugs ate at the leaves but they did okay. A few months later, we had more potatoes than we started with in spite of all the big rocks in that little mound of dirt. We had a meal of potatoes and salad from our yard. I found this event highly liberating.

Last fall, I took the advice of a master gardener and planted in the late fall when I expected the temperature to stay below 45 degrees. I also took some other advice and learned a few more things. I am now very excited about next year's garden as I feel like I have more of a understanding of the rhythms of the seasons and the soil and what grows well for us. The following are just some notes in preparation for this year's planting, not a how-to, though I suppose that it could be so used.