How to build a quick, simple, and easy patio.

I made my quick and easy patio between two Square Foot Garden boxes. I just took up the sod between them. My gravel patio is four feet by nine feet (4' x 9'). It took very little time and effort to make it. After the patio was completed, I placed a bench on it looking out onto the yard. [UPDATE: (1) I DID NOT PUT ENOUGH GRAVEL DOWN SO WEEDS AND GRASS SPRUNG UP IN AREAS (2) WHEN IT RAINS WATER COLLECTS NEAR THE FRONT OF THE PATIO.] For privacy, I've begun planting a living fence around it. I also plan to make trellises for the SFG boxes which will also add privacy. [UPDATE: My living fence is not high but the summer time plants get fairly high. I don't know if I'll get around to the trellises. I may purchase some premade trellises] This area is a nice place to sit and read or meditate or rest from gardening labours [UPDATE: We do enjoy it in this manner. I've added a birdbath about 15 feet in front of the bench. I fell asleep on the bench one day and woke up to see many birds on the feeder.].