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How to Stop a Nosebleed

We tried the "thumbs up method" for stopping a nosebleed a few years ago. It was helpful but we recently tried something else and it works great and stops the bleeding within a few minutes. We take a piece of towel (or whatever is available), roll it up so it is about a half inch in diameter, and put it/stuff it up under the upper lip between the lip and the gums above the front teeth. Push it up high and leave it there (holding a towel over the nose) until the bleeding stops. I think that I read that hospitals may use this technique of putting gauze or something under the upper lip.

[Update: My daughter had an illness and after feeling better she had a massive nosebleed. I think it may have been because her body lacked vitamin C (though I did not know it at the time). I had her start taking vitamin C regularly (maybe 1,000+ milligrams daily) and I don't think that she has had a nosebleed since although she is not taking it so regularly at this time.]