Infant Reading in Three Easy Steps
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Most of these words are Bible words. These sets cover most basic letter sounds except z. Words in brackets [ ] are not in the cards, they are only in the book for that set. Cards can be arranged to make sentences once the baby is familiar with all of them. After making sentences with the cards, you and baby can read the book which uses the words for that set of cards. When first introducing the book sentences, you may have to cover all words except the first word. Let the baby read the word and then uncover second word and so on.

Do not abandon a book after it is mastered. Keep it around so that the baby does not forget what he learned. Hannah's former piano teacher once told me, "Children learn very quickly--and they also forget almost as quickly." Confirm the teaching. Once the cards and books are done, keep reading--the Bible and easy readers. I would write short, useful books about daily life without regard to phonics. It would writing for training and enjoyment. If you include pictures (hand drawn, cut out of magazines, etc.) put the corresponding picture on the next page so that the baby does not see the picture and the text at the same time. As I understand it, about 50% of English words are phonetic. After Hannah learned to read phonetically, she was able to decode most words. We did not have any reading troubles--except keeping her away from too many books--we had a number of Christian testimonies, etc. but even too much of that is not good. I have thrown away many books. If I had it to do over, there would be far fewer books to distract her. Now I know more about how life is to be lived--we handsew, garden, compost, clean, write, research, useful schooling, carpentry, etc.--food, clothing, shelter, water, fire, the healing art.

Hannah learned to read with a special orthography but there was no need to teach her to read regular writing after she finished the yellow book.

Baby does not have to know all the words perfectly before going on to the next set of cards. From what I read, a new set of cards can be introduced every few days, I'd probably try a new set once a week. On our Bible download page, there is an 18-point font download for the Authorised Version, Pure Cambridge edition. The big letter size may be useful in your reading program. You could print out select portions of scriptures, e.g., Genesis 1-3, and let the little follow you as you read--and he can read it too, as he is able.

Set #1



I       clap.
I       sit.
I       lāy.
I       jump.
I       kick.
I       ēa t.
I       slēēp
I       gō.
I       run.
I       gō up.

Set #2 my, leg, hand, sēē, nōse, nō, sun, hug, hellō, belly, outsīde, look, [the], ā, sāy

book for Set #2
sāy Bible. sāy God. sāy Jesus. I look. I sēē my leg. I sēē my hand. sēē my nōse. I sēē the sun. I hug. hellō. I see my belly. I gō outsīde. I sēē the book. I look up. sāy hellō. sāy leg. sāy hand. sāy sun. sāy hug. sāy belly. sāy book.

Set #3

sh, quīet, tēēth, lip, cup, ēar, lap, foot, [bē], the, yoŪ

book for Set #3
sh, bē quīet. sēē my tēēth. sēē my lip. I sēē the cup. sēē my ēar. sit on my lap. I sēē my foot. I sēē yoŪ. I sēē ēars. I sēē lips. I sēē ā lap. sāy sh. sāy tēēth. sāy lip. sāy cup. sāy ear. sāy lap. sāy foot.

Set #4

milk, mē, trēē, head, egg, plāy, ball, yes, tōe, hī, [is], [in], [this], [with]

book for Set #4
sāy milk. the milk is in the cup. hug mē. I sēē the trēē. this is ā head. I sēē the egg. I play ball. yes. I sēē the tōes. hī. I sēē a cup. I sēē a trēē. play with mē. sāy hug. sāy trēē. sāy egg. sāy head. sāy cup.

Set #5

hungry, thirsty, water, chēēk, fēēt, apple, [am], [want]

book for Set #5
I am hungry. I am thirsty. I want water. see my chēēk. I see my fēēt. I see thē apple. I want thē egg. I want the milk. I want the cup. I want to sit. sāy water. sāy chēēk. sāy fēēt. sāy apple.

Set #6

dog, bed, cat, on, cōld, hot, in, bath, box, a, [it], fish, bāby, this, is, love

book for Set #6
This book could take the form of a picture book with a picture and several sentences on each page. The cover will still say, "book". You can ask questions about the pictures, etc.

page 1: This is a dog. I sēē it. I sēē a dog. page 2: This is a cat. I sēē it. I sēē a cat. page 3: This is a trēē. I sēē it. I sēē a trēē. page 4: This is a bed. I sēē it. I sēē a bed. I slēēp in a bed.

I love yoū. it is hot. it is cold. I sēē ā fish. the fish is in the water. it is in the water. this is a box. this is a cup. This is ā bāby. I sēē ā bāby. is this ā bāby? yes. this is ā baby. I love yoū. sāy love. sāy dog. sāy cat. sāy bed. sāy trēē. sāy fish. sāy water. sāy cup.

Don't forget the ABC song! :o)

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