Survey of Genesis

(used for Year 1 Ancient History)

You can post this list on a wall or in a notebook. If you put the date next to teach lesson you've completed, you and easily see your progress at any time.   This survey was completed in Year 1 as Ancient History.  Genesis is a book of firsts.  We meet the first man, the first woman.  Our parents--Adam and Eve.  We read about the first murder, occupations, etc.  We read about the worldwide flood, Babel where the languages were confounded and the people scattered.  We also meet here the beginning of the Hebrew nation in its patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  In Genesis 12, God made two great promises to a childless Abraham:  (1) he would make Abraham a great nation (v. 2) and (2) he would give him the land of Canaan (v. 7). This is a CRITICAL historical fact to know. When we arrived at it we discussed it and did boardwork to be copied into Hannah's notebook. It is in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua that we see both of these promises fulfilled (Year 2). We did genealogical work  and map work for select portions of Genesis with flowcharts, drawings and text. Also in Genesis we read about the heads of the 12 tribes of Israel and how they eventually found themselves in Egypt as guests of Pharoah.

Ancient History class was conducted weekly (see Year 1 schedule). This chart ends with Genesis chapter 25. Outside of class (in Infant School or otherwise, we were acquainted with the remainder of Genesis--as through a Lord's Supper/Passover service that covered the Israelites into Egypt (as found in the latter chapters of Genesis) all the way to Exodus 18. Therefore in Year 2 we picked up Ancient History with Exodus 19. If you are following this plan, you will need to pick up the missing chapters via overview, evening reading, etc. I will look to find and upload the Lord's Supper/Passover Service teaching.   In Infant School and outside of class, Hannah was learning the scriptures so much was done outside of the green sheets. At a young age, she began listening to the scriptures upon her bed in the evening. If the teacher is devoted to the word of God, he will teach them diligently without any goading and without being shown step-by-step all he needs to teach. Teaching the scriptures is inside of him, not something grievous that he is trying to do the flesh. If one tries to do this in the flesh, this good thing will be death to him and his student.

In the chart below, you will notice that for some of the passages in the "Reference" column I only put the name of the book, e.g. for Lesson 4, the reference looks like this, "Genesis 5:1-24, Hebrews, Jude" While going over Genesis 5:1-24, I may have taken my scholar over to Hebrews and Jude which give additional information about some element(s) in this passage. I did this as led. I hope that no one who reads this information will use, or give to the their scholar, a Bible with a center column reference. They will constantly stop to look up some other verses. We got through the scriptures and went to other passages as led.

Study format: pray for understanding and then go around the circle with the first child reading a verse (this is READING) and then that child explaining it (this is READING COMPREHENSION). Then go to the next child and proceed around the circle doing the same thing until the lesson is complete. I've learned to keep teacher comments to a minimum and let the scriptures speak for themselves. After the study, write several key verses from the lesson on the board for copying (this is PENMANSHIP, SPELLING, AND GRAMMAR). If you have older children in this class, you have other options for their work. For instance, they can write a summary of the chapter (this would be COMPOSITION) or take dictation and edit their work (this would be SPELLING, PENMANSHIP, etc.), or other exercises that you develop. See future years (Year 2 and onward) for different exercises we performed in our Language Arts and other classes.

Lesson No.





The Creation

Genesis 1:1-31

Genesis 2:1-25



The Fall. Sin entered the world.

Genesis 3:1-24



Cain killed Abel.

Genesis 4:1-26



Seth and his generations and Enoch the seventh from Adam, a sanctified witness.

Genesis 5:1-24






Genesis 5:25-6:22

Genesis 7:1-8:22

Genesis 9:1-29



Nations descended from the sons of Noah. Map work.

Genesis 10:1-32



Babel. The generations of Shem down to Abram.

Genesis 11:1-32



The call of Abram. Promise to make him a great nation.

Genesis 12:1-20



Abram and Lot part.

Genesis 13:1-18



The slaughter of Chedorlaomer. The blessing of Melchizedick, king of Salem.

Genesis 14:1-24



God promises to give seed of Abram's bowels. Abram believed and it was accounted

to him for righteousness.

Genesis 15:1-26




Sarai offers Haggai. Ishmael born when Abram 86.

Genesis 16:1-16




Father of many nations, name change to Abraham, Sarai changed to Sarah, God gave

Abraham covenant of circumcision. God promised Abraham seed, Abraham laughed.

Abraham 99 years old, Ishmael 13 years old when circumcised.

Genesis 17:1-27





Three men visit Abraham. Said Sarah would have a son. Sarah laughed. Sodom to be


Genesis 18:1-33



Lot flees Sodom. Moab (father of the Moabites) and Ben-ammi (father of the Ammo-

nites) born of Lot's daughters.

Genesis 19:1-11



Abimelech, king of Gerar took Sarah. Abraham identified as a prophet.

Genesis 20:1-18



Sarah (90) conceived and bare Isaac. Abraham 100. Bondwoman (Haggai) and her

son cast out. Abraham reproved Abimelech because of a well he called Beersheba.

Sojourned in the land of the Philistines many days. Dwelt in tents.

Genesis 21:1-




God tempted Abraham, "Offer Isaac for a burnt offering." I will multiply thy seed and

in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because thou hast obeyed my


Genesis 22:1-24



Sarah died at 127. Abraham bought Machpelah before Mamre, the same is Hebron in

the land of Canaan, for the possession of a burying place.

Genesis 23:1-20



Abraham sent eldest servant to obtain a wife for Isaac. Isaac took Rebecca to wife

and is comforted after his mother's death.

Genesis 23:21-67



Abraham took wife Keturah. Sent sons of concubines eastward unto the east coun-

try away from Isaac. Gave all to Isaac. Abraham dies at 175 years old. Esau despises birthright.

Genesis 25:1-34




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