[I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. It is from my own personal experience. Everyone is unique and has their own unique needs. I take no responsibility for how this information is used.]

How I treated my gingivitis

I had a gum area between two teeth that would hurt and bleed a little when I flossed. The dentist said that she saw nothing. The problem went on. One day I tried Listerine (the original colored Listerine that is a light brown color) and saw that it worked so I continued to use it for a little while until I stopped regular flossing.

At some point another area of my mouth eventually began to bleed when I did my occasional flossing. I tried Listerine again but it did not knock out the problem like it did the first time. This went on for some time. The gums between my other teeth were fine, it was just in one area. The problem persisted for maybe two or three years. The dentist said to try some salt water. I did. It was a strong solution of salt water. The problem persisted.

I recently (July 2011) rinsed with that same strong solution of salt water (saltier than sea water I am sure--this may not work for people who have to limit their salt intake.) and after spitting it out, I immediately rinsed with Listerine. I don't know what it was, but I somehow knew that it worked (I don't know if I knew this after the first time I did it or the second time I did it). I flossed and did not get the bloody floss. I kept doing this morning and evening for a few days. When I went to the dentist after just a few days of this, I was told that there was no bleeding during the cleaning and whatever I was doing to keep on doing it.


  • Because the salt water and Listerine combination worked and I wanted to ensure the problem wouldn't arise again, I poured some of the salt water in the cap and dipped the floss in it just for that one area between two teeth (this was in addition to rinsing).
  • Only a few days have passed and now when I rinse, I rinse for probably at least a minute with each solution. While I am rinsing, I might straighten up things or wash my face or do something that needs to be done.
  • I use the salt solution first. After I spit it out, I take some water and get the saltiness off of my tongue only (I do not rinse my mouth out with plain water, I want the salt to keep working) and then immediately rinse with the Listerine.
  • I do not intend to continue this regimen of salt water and Listerine, I just want to completely drive away the gingivitis that was there and then continue to brush, floss, and occasionally do a mouth wash.

Aside: I have had more than one dental professional comment on the health of my gums. When people in America get older, we almost all have gum disease by a certain age. I perceive that this is because of our persistent unhealthy and sugary diets (God made whole things, we need to eat whole foods like a whole chicken (season and bake in an oven at 350 degrees. Cook for 20 minutes per pound--a six pound chicken, unthawed, would take about 120 minutes or two hours), fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.) instead of processed foods that come in a box or a can) combined with lack of attention to brushing and flossing.