Planetary Circuits

This is a diagram of planetary circuits as put forth by Tycho Brahe, Danish astronomer extraordinaire. He made the finest, most precise naked eye astronomical instruments ever known--better than anything Copernicus ever used*. Tycho Brahe took the study of astronomy to a new level. He knew about Copernicus' proclamations--and rejected them on both scriptural and scientific grounds.

In the diagram, the stationary earth is the black filled-in circle at the center of the diagram. Around it is the moon's orbit around the earth. The next concentric circle outward is the sun's orbit around the earth. The planets orbit the sun. The fixed stars (pictured inside the two outermost circles) orbit the earth.

Some geocentrists today espouse a modified Tychonic Model--it differs from Tycho's model in that the fixed stars are centered on the sun and not the earth. According to, this explains parallax and aberration and other yearly effects which are not explained in Tycho's original model.

The geocentric model is STILL used extensively in aeronautics and astronomy.

*From a supporter of Copernicus, "The instruments which Copernicus had at his disposal were rather primitive and did not provide a greater accuracy than the instruments of the ancient astronomers. Also, the data base which was available to Copernicus was not much larger or better than the one which was available to the ancients."

Many heliocentrists smugly feel as if they understand all the issues, but their security in their knowledge is unfounded. They do not understand many things. They do not understand God nor do they not understand the scriptures. They do not understand (nor do they want to understand) that we are not proponing the Ptolemaic model. They do not even understand that their fathers' experiments to prove the motion of the earth failed. These people are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

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