all_of_creation_in_a_picture THE GENESIS FACTOR

The "Genesis Factor," has been of critical importance in our Science program and in other areas such as Music, Foreign Language Acquisition, etc. It is in Genesis 1:1-2:7 that we learn EXACTLY what happened in the beginning. Genesis 1:1-2:7, forms the outline for all of creation and shows the root of every study that than be undertaken. It tells what was created, the order it was created in, and classifies objects in each category, e.g., sun, moon, stars.

The amazing graphic to the left shows all of creation in a single picture and the classifications of Genesis 1:1-2:7, e.g. plant classifications (grass, herb yielding seed, fruit tree yielding fruit), land animal classifications (cattle, creeping thing (not just insects--Lev 11), beast of the earth), celestial body classifications (sun, moon, stars--"planet" is a Bible word but not used in Genesis. Earth is not a planet, "wanderer"). The telephone is in this graphic, dimension, the firmament--everything. The only thing that cannot be seen in the picture is darkness which is also an element of creation. Darkness is represented in our printable graphic which is in a size suitable for framing, just click here. The darkness region could be shaded in, if desired. When printing, deselect "Print headers and Footers." No fancy frame is necessary, the graphic can be mounted on a piece of cardboard and hung on a wall.

We have found that the sweeping outline of Genesis 1:1-2:7 provides a mental filing cabinet in which a diversity of data can be easily classified and stored. This benefit is critical in this world of ever-increasing data. The Genesis Factor engenders a way of rational thinking and an ordered approach to problem solving. It has caused us to look for what should logically go first, second, third, etc. for any project.