Select Bulletins from the

Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

George Washington Carver, M.S. in Agriculture, D. Sc.

Although George Washington Carver was a friend to all, he made it clear that his work was primarily for his people--particularly, "the man farthest down." He wanted to help the southern farmer fill "the dinner pail". For this reason, Mr. Carver conducted his experiments with the tools and techniques available to the average farmer--and his wrote in a simple manner so that that average man could understand his points.

These bulletins are hard to find--an astonishing fact that I found hard to accept as I sought them out. I could not find the collection on the internet or for sale. The only reason that I knew that they even existed is that I stumbled across one of them, then two, and then three of them on the internet--no doubt by divine appointment. I then found a whole list of them on the Tuskegee Institute website, but no bulletins, just a list of them. This again left me astonished given the stature of Mr. Carver and the fact that he bequeathed $60,000 to the Institute to ensure that his work would continue. Yet my search had a happy end. Thankfully, Tuskegee did put the bulletins on microfiche some years ago. As time and inclination allow, I'll look to type up and upload more of this important, useful historical information.