The Geocentric Model is STILL Used to Teach Aeronautics
I once heard that one military pilot instructor routinely told his new students something like this, "For this class, forget about everything that you've learned about the earth going around the sun." Well, today, Tuesday, 2-24-09 at about 8 am I was flipping through an encyclopedia* and the following graphic caught my eye. In it, the instructor at the United States Military Academy is using an ARMILLARY SPHERE to teach his class.

Many people may have never heard of an armillary sphere. It is a geocentric model of the heavens. I found out about it while browsing through a book by Jan Amos Comenius, 17th century educator extraordinaire. I purchased a brass armillary sphere to boldly sit on my shelf. The earth sits at the center of the heavens immovable, the sun circuits the earth through the ecliptic, and the fixed stars sit on a celestial sphere in diurnal (daily) rotation about the earth.

As I understand it, a number of heliocentrists (e.g., astronomers) continue to use this geocentric model because it is "useful". Actually, it is the truth and THAT is why it makes sense to the mind--that "apparent" motion of the sun is "actual".

I scanned in the picture. The caption for the picture reads as follows:

Left: An instructor uses a celestial-terrestial sphere in teaching earth, space, and graphic sciences.

[You'll have to cursor down to see the graphic.]

*[Although this older encyclopedia is no friend to the truth, it serves as a reference--today I was looking up information on city planning as we are studying in Ezekiel 40. If you need a set of encyclopedias, I recommend that you get an older set (maybe 1960s or 70s). The articles are written by people who may not be as intent on truth suppression as today's writers. In addition, their upbringing probably included more normalcy and it has carried over into their writings. The further we go into the future, the harder it will be to get a straight answer--you're dealing with the therapy, MTV, ADD, ACLU, New Age, brainwashed generation. The further back you go, the easier it is to get a straight answer--but you must have a command of the scriptures and know what you are looking for. Military manuals remain excellent sources of information because of their practical outlook, e.g., in a military Survival manual you can find nuts-and-bolts information on what to do when you find yourself in a wilderness situation.] armillary

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