This timeline covers the times of every book of the Bible. All sixty-six books of the Bible will be found on this timeline in their place for the period that they cover, NOT when they were written. They will be underlined and in italics, e.g. Psalms is under 1000 BC. We put a star next to each "epoch" after we covered it. The basics of the Bible and much of the rest was understood before age ten. If you are just starting, this will not take a long time for the adult who wants to know. We did not utilize memorization. There was an overview of this chart and then we proceeded through the scriptures and life. When I looked at the chart from time to time, I saw that we were progressing.

In Year One at the beginning of the school year we went over this Appointed Times timeline, BUT NOT EVERY WORD. That would not have been appropriate for a four year old, or even perhaps for an adult. I gave Hannah an overview of the timeline and focused on the beginning (creation), the end (return of the Lord), and the flow of the scriptures. I took the various entries here, cut them out and taped them on a large piece of posterboard (approximately 28" x 24") and then mounted it on cardboard displayed it in the classroom where it has remained. In Year 1, I let Hannah put her name and birth year in the appropriate place on the timeline (I let her find that place). This, in combination with a numberline teaching in Year 1 helped firmly establish BC and AD in her mind.

[Note: No man knoweth these exact dates--I made Hannah aware of that from the beginning--but I believe that this is a sound timeline based upon my researches and use of this timeline. The scriptures give a lot of information to help us understand approximately when these various events occurred, e.g., genealogies (e.g., Gen 5:3-32) and statements of the numbers of years between events (e.g. Gal 3:17), that is to say that there are internal Biblical evidences for this information. Externally, we date our years from A.D.--Anno Domini--the Year of our Lord. Some date from A.M.--Anno Mundi--the Year of the World. In either case, the beginning is calculated to have been about 6000 years ago. ]

Appointed Times


GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH--the above and the beneath. All things were for him and by him (Jesus Christ--Colossians 1:16). Genesis

4000 BC


2400 BC

FLOOD & BABEL. It is believed that the events of Job occurred in this time period--before Abraham and the Mosaic law (as there is no mention of the law in Job) but after the flood. Genesis, Job

2000 BC

God raises up ABRAHAM, father of faith. Study the two great Abrahamic promises. Abraham/Isaac/jacob are the beginning of the Jewish nation. Joseph and the 12 tribes of Israel enter Egypt to become a great and mighty nation. Genesis

1500 BC

MOSES & THE EXODUS.Entrance of law and government for Israel. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

1460 BC


1450 BC

In the promised land, ISRAEL RULED BY JUDGES for 450 years. Ruth, Judges

1000 BC

Israel dissatisfied with the judges and wanted a king. UNITED MONARCHY under Saul, David, and Solomon. I, II Samuel; Psalms; Proverbs; Ecclesiastes; Song of Solomon. [We also read about David and Solomon in I Kings and I Chronicles. It is in these books that the united monarchy is broken up under the reign of king Rehoboam, son of Solomon.]

931 BC

DIVIDED MONARCHY-- The northern kingdom (Israel) and the southern kingdom (Judah). I, II Kings; I, II Chronicles; Amos; Hosea; Jonah; Nahum; Joel; Micah; Isaiah; Zephaniah; Habakkuk; Jeremiah; Obadiah

721 BC

FALL OF NORTHERN KINGDOM/ISRAEL to the Assyrians/Ninevites.

606 BC

FALL OF THE SOUTHERN KNGDOM/JUDAH to the Babylonians/Chaldeans. Israel looks for the son of David to come forth like a root out of dry ground to sit on the throne of David and be their king. Lamentations, Daniel, Ezekiel

536 BC

JUDAH RELEASED ARTER 70 YEARS IN CAPTIVITY to rebuild Jerusalem. Ezra; Esther; Nehemiah; Haggai; Zechariah

400 BC

MALACHI ENDS THE OLD TESTAMENT CANON. God would give no further scriptures for 400 years. [The spurious apocryphal books were compiled at this time.] Malachi

AD-33 AD

FULLNESS OF TIME. John the Baptist (the voice of one crying in the wilderness) and THE LORD JESUS CHRIST (THE WORD OF GOD) are born six months apart. John was more than a prophet preparing the way for Messiah Jesus which is called Christ. Our Lord was born in the land of Israel in the town of Bethlehem. He grew up in the city of Nazareth in Galilee, preached, taught, did miracles, was crucified and rose from the dead. Whosoever liveth and believeth in him shall never die. Believest thou this? (John 11:26) Matthew; Mark; Luke; John

40-96 AD

Development and COMPLETION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. Powerful, unified early church energized by the Holy Ghost followed by the spread of the gospel. Acts; Romans; I, II Corinthians, Galatians; Ephesians; Philippians; Colossians; I, II Thessalonians; I, II Timoth;, Titus; Philemon; Hebrews; James; I, II Peter; I, II, III John; Jude; Revelation.

476-1000 AD

RISE OF THE "HOLY MOTHER ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH". Emperial Rome falls, the harlot "church" rises. The pope now sits on caesar's throne and the Dark Ages begin. Modern European nations begin their ascent to become who they are to be (Germany, France, etc.) were all big lumps of territories at one time). Tribal warfare. Lords and serfs. 600s Muhammad, founder of Islam arises seeking violent conquest.

800-1500 AD

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE In 800 AD, Charlemagne, boyfriend of the papacy, crowned "Holy Roman Emperor" of the "Holy Roman Empire" by the pope. The great harlot would continue to use kings to do her bidding--fight her wars, force the conquered to become Catholic, steal their lands and goods, enslave, control, corrupt and infect with the heresies of the Roman Catholic institution, etc. The Office of Inquisition begins and never ends (now called the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith"). Rome makes many martyrs, she is drunk with their blood. Waldensians and others persevere the onslaught. Recusancy, parricides. 1380 Wycliffe New Testament. [1492 Columbus, pirate & Roman Catholic vassal]

1517-1600s AD

THE REFORMATION. Martin Luther 95 Theses; William Tyndale; King Henry VIII, Bloody Mary; Elizabeth I, King James VI & I (awakes kings of Europe to papal usurpation). Recusancy and parricides continue. Pestilent Jesuits locusts (1541). Jamestowne--first permanent U.S. colony 1607. [1519 Hernando Cortex, pirate & Roman Catholic vassal]

1700s AD

The Great Awakening & other REVIVALS of the Christian religion. Jonathan Edwards' Sinners in the hands of an angry God. John Wesley, George Whitefield. The Amerian Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, first U.S. President.

1800s AD

FOREIGN CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE LIBERTIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Roman papacy hates freedom and was undermining it back in 1835 according to Samuel Breese Morse (inventor of Morse code). Immigration a tool (as also noted by James VI & I) to overrun America with Catholics until our native population overwhelmed. Proliferation of CULTS (dispensationalism, Seventh Day Adventist, Russellites/Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Science, etc.), Protestant missions. Dumb dog preachers silent in the midst of conspiracy. Treasonous politicians do not protect borders or laws. Influx of immigrant papists. Charles Finney, Charles H. Spurgeon, Civl War, Darwin. Marxism/Communism/Socialism is just dressed up Roman despotism.

1900- AD

SYSTEMIC PROPAGANDA AND DEMORALIZATION OF SOCIETY. Warned by William Hogan, former Romish priest--cause: the licentious Roman confessional. Compulsory schooling. Leave agriculture for city jobs. Television, "the blues," "rock and roll," "r&b," "country," the dance hall/club, radio, sports, politics, debauchery, drugs, newspapers, novels, mass media, progressive education to "socialize" making robot sots followed by abortion substance abuse, bastard children, and insanity. Terroristic Islam. America--Empty Cities video. Homeschooling (1983 banned in all 50 states by 1990s rules established) revolution.

2000 AD

DECADENCE. Wastefulness, self-esteem, therapy, self-pleasure, idleness, fullness of bread, self-serving, industrialization, mental colonization, family degeneration, biotechnology, GMOs, hijacking of the food supply, agriculture, and animal husbandry to replace with corruption on all levels, "biosecurity". Technology as a weapon for control and destruction. Global government, destruction of America and transformation to communist state. Influx of Muslims and mosques. Continued influx of Catholics whose primary allegiance must be to the papacy. THE GREAT TRIBULATION--emergence of the beast, false prophet, worldwide allegiance to the dragon/Satan, people taking the mark of the beast, war and murder against the saints, lying signs, wonders, and miracles. Abomination of desolation. Image of the beast. Indignation, murder, and sin.


THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Crown of life for the saints and the wrath of God for the wicked. The dissolving meltdown of the current heaven and earth. All things will be made new. Revelation

Job 12:16 ...the deceived and the deceiver is his.

Job 12:23 He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again.

God has purposes for the nations.

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