14 Stations of Historic Events

We have a place for historical displays in our library. In time, we realized that we had divided time into 14 epochs. The following table is arranged in the shelf order of the displays.

Creation: Adam & Eve our Parents
Hebrews under Moses
The Hebrew Kings
Nebuchadnezzar's Image four world kingdoms*; Babylon
Rome emerges
(& remains)
8. Middle Ages
With imperial Rome gone, nations fight to become who they would be today e.g. Germany, France; Charlemagne/Holy Roman Empire (the shapeshifter's new form).
9. Columbus: Roman Catholic vassal/pirate10. Jamestowne11. American Independence 
12. Civil War Era (Foreign Conspiracy [Roman] Against the United States of America...including immigration tactic; Slavery, Lincoln, Helen Keller, etc.)13. Native Americans & Pioneers; Indian wars; imperialism; Americans more settled 
14. Industrialization (Rockefeller; For the Love of Money; Andrew "I Killed the Bank" Jackson; scientific revolution; Federal Reserve & Intl. Banking; League of Nations; United Nations; despotic systems; Electrical Pioneers; Apostate Church; The Whore and a Few of Her Lovers; Modern Pollutions; Preparation for the beast -- whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.)      

*The Four World Kingdoms:

Not all historic events are equally important. The scriptures tell you what kingdoms to focus on--these are the four. The fourth kingdom, Rome, never died, is still in power and will continue in power. All of the abominations that we see today are ONLY her daughters. Chasing down the illuminati, new age, mormons, etc. is going after the leaves of a tree--go to the Mother to get to the root--and don't forget the money (I Timothy 6:10). Go BACK in time and figure out what has happened (in the church and in the world) and how the ancient kingdoms are still here with us in slightly veiled new forms. The Deception Series can shed light.