[Note: BiblicalScholarship.net is for Christians that read, believe, and obey the Authorized King James Bible of 1611, also known as the Authorized Version. All modern Bible versions are unauthorized versions (NIV, NKJV, etc.) in contradistinction to the Authorized Version of 1611. 8-11-2014 UPDATE: Old friends should read the introductory letter at JESUS-IS-LORD.COM if they have not read it through recently. In fact, you should print it out that whole one page--
All the major themes of these end times can be found on one link, on one specific webpage. May no truth lover take that page for granted. Go to this link (Jesus-is-Lord.com) and print out that one specific page. The themes are there. One can just read that specific page. It links to articles that give further important information. The Bible has many prophecies. Now is the time to fill in the blanks.


Many of us Americans grew up in the school system and watching television. Now that we are parents, many of us need guidance for what we did not learn. These articles on Christian Parenting include fundamental precepts concerning caring for our children as relaxed, loving parents. Some people still naturally have this, but many of us need help. Additionally, The Christian Family Page at http://www.Jesus-is-Lord.com/family.htm may have some ideas that you can use.

"Young people don't need good teachers as much as they need ministers with a pastor's heart
[this is talking about parents--fathers and mothers].
They need to know that they are cared for before anything else."

Excerpted from, Christian Parenting 13: How to win your child's heart

For the unsaved--time is short: Hell is Real ||| How to Get to Heaven]


Demanding and pursuing a distinctively Biblical Scholarship in every subject area--not just, "theology" (not a good term).
The word of God has something to say about every subject--Reading, Writing, Counting, Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Geometry, Husbandry, Sewing, Carpentry, History, Law & Government, Economics, Music, Medicine, Chemistry, Linguistics, Foreign Language Acquisition, Metallurgy, Deaf Studies, and Everything Else.

The Authorized Version of 1611 of the Holy Bible: The Precepts of a Mighty Nation

...I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right...

Psalm 119:128


  • A Statement of the Problem
  • What is Biblical Scholarship?
  • "Does God Care About This?"
  • Only One Bible Will Produce Biblical Scholarship
  • A Return to Greatness
  • Biblical Scholarship Could Change Your Life (but for many it won't)
  • Sanctified Homeschooling (come into our classroom--and don't overlook history.)
  • Explorations of the Five: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Water, Fire
  • Health Notes
  • Homesteading (The future of the true church is the woods. The idyllic bucolic farm life of yesteryear is rapidly disappearing under the oppression of the masters of the present--and yet that old life, that real life, can teach us (and our children) how to live life with greater dignity, ingenuity, and increasing physical and mental independence from the industrial system and its physical and mental gridlocking of mankind.)
  • Musings
  • The Letters
  • An Invitation


Nothing that we've learned has been truly based on the Bible so all of our knowledge is based on false, destroyed foundations. What do you think that this does to a person mentally? He walks around deceived while thinking that he has knowledge. The more of this kind of education that a person has, the more foolish he is.

The simple subsistence farmer with God on his side and a strong ox to plow his fields is far better off than an educationally deceived, pleasure-loving American who sees the sun rise and says that it only appears to do so. Even professed Christians walk around with this heliocentric deception--in spite of scriptures such as Isaiah 38:8 that clearly teach that the sun moves. It is the earth that stands still. To most of us, this sounds so far out--but why? Our own eyes tell us that the sun rises and sets. We even say, "the sun is rising," "the sun is setting". Why does it sound so far out when someone says the sun actually has a circuit? It is because a spinning earth hurling through "space" (actually the firmament) like a ball shot out of a canon has been pounded into our heads from our youth. We succumbed to the teaching assault. We did not know any better. I believed it until someone showed me what the scriptures have to say about it--and then in a moment of time I was free from that deception. Are you like that? Where all you need are the scriptures to quickly dismantle any lie that you have believed? whether that lie came from Mother, Father, teacher, textbook, dictionary, or preacher?

Sun worship is not dead, it has just taken on more sophisticated forms. I've seen poetry by one of the early heliocentrists actually magnifying the sun (I read it in "Geocentricity" by Dr. Gerardus Bouw--Dr. Bouw is a former atheist with a Phd in Astronomy). Baal is not dead. He has a new generation of ignorant worshippers. Even the so-called "Christian" textbook publishers magnify heliocentrists like Nicolas Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler but practically ignore Tycho Brahe--the Noble Dane and the "Prince of Astronomers"--his beliefs, his findings. Tycho Brahe created the greatest naked eye astronomical instrumentation known to mankind. He took astronomy to a whole new level. This fact is undisputed. He knew about Copernicus' proclamations and rejected them on both scriptural and scientific grounds (for the record, the Tychonic model is not the same as the Ptolemaic system). King James delighted in the knowledge that he learned in Tycho Brahe's laboratory.

Unsurprisingly, heliocentrist experiments to prove the motion of the earth have FAILED. These experiments have been deliberately ignored by universities because they support geocentricity.

...But a disciple does not need all this proof. A disciple ONLY needs the scriptures to prove to him what is true. One day I was in an audience when Dr. Bouw pointed out specific scriptures concerning the motion of the sun. That was ALL I needed to hear to change my mind. God showed me all the rest of these facts later on. Many, many things have worked out like that in my life. Are you like that? Where if the scriptures say it, you will believe it even if the world thinks you are some kind of fool? The earth is NOT hurling through "space" reeling to and fro like some drunken man. We've been deceived, do not know what the ecliptic is, cannot properly explain the seasons, and cannot tell the tropic of capricorn from the tropic of cancer because we don't know what the sun is doing...But in places where real astronomy is necessary--like in aeronautics--the geocentric model is still used.

scrollDownload, print out, and bind your own Authorized King James Bible (Pure Cambridge Edition) (Free. With two columns like a traditional Bible. Heathens have been tampering with the Authorized King James Bible, incorporating alterations and adding all kinds of abominations (e.g., "study aids," commentaries, illustrations, cartoon pictures, geneaological record sheets, etc.) to the text. We should have been publishing our own Bibles all this time. Includes link to our "Simple, Strong, Secure Binding Method.")
Overview of the Bible (strangers in the sanctuary have taken away the key of knowledge. A true Biblical Scholarship requires an understanding of the flow and substance of the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments.)

  • The Deception Series (critical endtimes information--be sure to check out, "The Mother.")
  • Back to School (A compulsory school agent expresses himself.)
  • A short (but important) questionnaire. (for disciples)
  • Mephibosheth & Youngman [Note: these emails were exchanged a while ago--at this date, knowing the times that we now live in, it is seems obvious that some of the dreams expressed herein are not going to happen--and yet they are useful in ordering a simple, productive life. The reader is admonished to prove all things herein and to cleave to that which is good.


BIBLICAL, adj., of the Bible, pertaining to the Bible, contained in the Bible, or in accordance with the Bible.

SCHOLARSHIP, n., learning undertaken in order to discover or establish facts or principles.

BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP, n., learning based on the Authorized Version in order to discover or establish the basic foundation of any worthy course of study AND the effort to interpret and integrate these principles into a cohesive body of knowledge by which a previously unlearned man can live in and understand the world around him.

In Biblical Scholarship, the Bible lays down the fundamental principles for every subject. In my life, it has been an outgrowth of simply reading the Bible (which gives rise to topics to study, e.g., the stones in Aaron's breastplate) and also looking up what the Bible has to say about whatever is happening in my life. I am a homeschool teacher, so I've looked at the Bible for a wide range of subjects. Biblical Scholarship is not a sterile procedure. It is an outgrowth of what one encounters in life. In my case, I had an daughter to teach. I had to teach her to read. Unbeknownst to me, I was exercising Biblical Scholarship when I taught her to read, "Bible," "God," and "Jesus" when she was 20-months old. As the years went on, I finally came to realize what was happening over and over again--I was going to the Bible for the foundation and terms for every subject. A name was given for this -- "Biblical Scholarship."

In Biblical Scholarship, any books (or other works) consulted outside of the Bible are only reference materials that may be modified, discarded, shredded, ignored, changed, burned, and manipulated in whatever way that may be of use to us. Any resource is totally subject to the precepts of the scriptures--it is NEVER the other way around, only hereticks and blasphemers do that.

Today, the term "Biblical scholarship" is essentially defined as Biblical CRITICISM and its attending blasphemy. Perhaps someone has found this page while looking for blasphemy. They may love to question the Bible. They don't believe it, but Satan compels them to keep reading (or writing) blasphemy about it. They may ask, "You don't really believe everything in the Bible, do you?" For the record, I believe everything in the Authorized King James Bible--including all of the punctuation. Not one jot or tittle is missing. What I do not believe is man. Romans 3:4 "...yea, let God be true, but every man a liar." Yea, let the holy scriptures turn all of man's learning upside down and let the righteous rejoice in the process. Truth is coming back into the world after lying in the streets under fake scholarship for too many years. It is high time for the truth to reign in God's people.


"But does God care about scholarship and mathematics?" The scriptures command reading and counting. Revelation 13 says, "COUNT the number of the beast". Deuteronomy 6 COMMANDS that parents teach their children the scriptures. That means men must know how to READ. And if men must know how to read that means that there must be a method by which to teach these things. Biblical Scholarship not only gives modes by which to teach but it gives rise as to what to teach. With Deuteronomy 6:6-9 in hand, we focused our homeschool on the scriptures and found that the scriptures took us on a journey throughout the earth and the heavens. By the time my daughter was 6.5 years old, her basic education was complete.

"But aren't you getting off of the track? Shouldn't we be reaching the lost in our families?" First of all, God commands that we teach our children. Right now, church people are so busy, "soulwinning" that their children are left destitute of the type of intensive training demanded in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. This alone is enough for the Bible believing Christian to take heed to this word.

But secondly, who do you have the best chance of reaching--your own child that adores you or a stranger?

Thirdly, a Christian is not in some intellectual vacuum, only to repeat the "Roman's Road" over and over--the scriptures forbid this practice (Hebrews 5:11b-6:3) which is prevalent in today's church. We are to move on to perfection and revelations of the Lord. God has something to say about the situation in which we find ourselves TODAY.

The Christian is not some weak object that must accept the proclamations of every "expert" and every dictionary definition and textbook as being true. Many of these proclamations are not true, they are lies. The only thing that is true is the scriptures. Anything that disagrees with the scriptures is a lie, false, not true. It is now high time to take the scriptures, put the pedal to the metal and see what God has to say about everything under HIS heaven. It is time to wake up and look alive. It is time to dig down into the word and figure out what is going on around you.

Christians are not beholden to secular scholarship devised by godless men. It is time to wake up. GOD INVITES US IN HIS WORD TO LOOK AT HIS CREATION. HE COMMANDS US TO READ AND COUNT. HIS WORD NECESSITATES THAT WE KNOW HOW TO DO THESE THINGS. The language of the Authorized (King James) Version is the finest of the entire English language--its grammatical structure, flawless--its word choices, sublime. A man must be able to read--including the deaf man who too often is relegated to sign language and never masters the nuances of the English language. For many deaf people, this greatly hinders their understanding and ability to reason.

God's word has something to say about everything that pertains to us. Even if I don't know all the answers, I know that they are there. One of the many beautiful things about Biblical Scholarship is that it leaves room for your creativity, ingenuity, culture, and industry. Pray, fast, talk to God--he will talk back to you and show you the way.

Biblical schlolarship pursued by those of faith results in a platinum level of scholarship that transcends all other scholarship-- babies, as a matter of course, read while still in diapers, eyes are opened, weak men become strong, the simple become wise. Biblical Scholarship engenders and creates a strange, and peculiar atmosphere charged with original thought, creativity, worship, revelations, and intellectual delights. A Biblical Scholarship is immensely satisfying--not deadly like the grievous scholarship learned in modern slaughterhouses of the mind called schools, colleges, and heretick seminaries where the hapless student must memorize the sterile, dead facts of man's finite mind and then parrot them back on a test.

Early on my path to a Biblical scholarship, I understood that the result of any true study is worship (whether science, astronomy or grammar). If you are not worshipping, your studies are incomplete, missing something, and probably erroneous.


Only the real Bible will produce Biblical Scholarship--the Authorized (King James) Version of the Holy Scriptures. No other Bible version will work in Biblical Scholarship because the modern versions, written by modern deceived man, are not the word of God. Those so-called "archaic" words found in the Authorized Version are not archaic; they can be found in every domain today--if you are looking.

When the NIV changes the warp and the woof of Leviticus 13:48 to "woven or knitted material" you can never figure out how material is made. You won't even stop to think about it--all you can do is go to the store and buy a woven or a knitted garment. With the warp and the woof of the King James Bible, on the other hand, you can talk to the weaver who may tell you that they now call it the warp and the weft (but it will always be the warp and the woof to you). This actually happened to me--and not just in the area of weaving, but across all kinds of disciplines. As a result of Biblical Scholarship, you and your children can talk to anybody and judge methods--whether they be good or corrupt.

Those ROBUST, PRECISE WORDS of the Authorized Version form a crystal clear roadmap out of the wreckage of modern, machine life BACK to ancient understandings, ancient manhood, ancient womanhood, ancient childhood. We are NOT the same people as the ancients. We are weak-minded and dependent on somebody else for every morsel of food that we eat. May each true disciple turn off that filthy tv FOREVER, recover himself from the snare of the devil, and walk in the light of God's word.


In Genesis 1:28, God told Adam to subdue the earth. Man is to understand, subdue, master, and lord over the creation that God gave him. He was not made to be some passive, weak, effeminate observer of life. He was made to conquer and subdue. A man is supposed to know about everything he touches. It is part of his birthright as a man. Biblical Scholarship can return a man to his greatness and power and rescue him from the soft-hands, piece-of-bread-from-watching-whores, you're-nothing-but-a-statistic manhood of today.


Although this website could change someone's life, it will not mean much to most people who come here. It is based on a number of presuppositions concerning those who would read it with benefit.

  • It presupposes a mind that believes and obeys the Authorized (King James) Version above anything else e.g., false Bible versions (NIV, NASV, etc.) and false knowledge learned in textbooks, dictionaries, parents, church, etc.
  • It presupposes a holy life void of *television, *adultery (divorce and remarriage with a living spouse, *Christmas trees (Jeremiah 10:1-5), *Easter eggs, *fairy tales, etc. ...the world. A life that takes the kingdom of God by violence--that means denying the world and anybody who would call you away from the gospel--whether mother, father, sister, or brother.
  • It presupposes the knowledge that the theory of evolution is a hoax.
  • It presupposes the knowledge that the Roman Catholic institution is not Christian and that she is the MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
  • It presupposes the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.
  • It presupposes the knowledge that he that endureth to the end the same shall be saved and that no one will sin their way into heaven.
  • It presupposes an intimate acquaintance with the entire Bible--both Old Testament and New Testament.
  • It presupposes clear, correct doctrine based on the clear teaching of the Authorized Version.
  • It presupposes an instinctive willingness to acknowledge the truth--even when the truth shows wrong doing in one's self.
  • It presupposes a fear of Almighty God and his word.
  • It presupposes that a man has been born again and is walking in the statutes and precepts of the Lord as found in the holy scriptures.
  • It presupposes personal consecration--a man giving himself and his possessions to the Lord for the Lord's uses--as in, "My land and my couch are no longer mine, they are to be used for God's purposes. That land is God's for whatever uses he chooses for it. That couch is a place to sit to discuss the Lord and read the holy scriptures."
  • It presupposes that a man knows the plagues of his own heart and is battling against them.
  • In summary, it presupposes that the reader is a true disciple of Jesus Christ.


Biblical Scholarship produces a sanctified homeschool.

I began praying, fasting, and working with my daughter when she was an infant--I did not know that I was going to homeschool. I did know that I wanted her to know Jesus through his word. In those early days, all we had was the scriptures, a tambourine, and a hymn book.

Hannah read her first words at 20 months and was reading the Authorized King James Bible responsively with me at 4 years old. The earlier a child can read, the earlier they can read the scriptures. Before Hannah was 6.5 years old, I knew that her schooling was essentially complete (Year 2 of formal school). Subsequent years have proven this to be true.

In Year 3, we had "The Year of Review" lest we lose what we gained. Every year since then has been managed, incremental progression on top of continued reviews of key teachings. The importance of what I call, "The Genesis Factor" (Genesis 1:1-2:7) cannot be overestimated.



In our school, the Bible has always been the textbook. Period. I do not scramble every school year to buy textbooks--I only have one textbook and I use it year after year for Language Arts and History. I also use it when creating our own homemade mathematics series (Counting with Daniel & Father) and other texts. When is the last time a Geometry book made you feel better? It can if it is written with the scriptures in view. How often does a Spanish book teach the dangers of libraries?

Even when I didn't know that I was going to homeschool, the Bible was the textbook. Let me explain how God wrought this wonder. One day, I was reading to Hannah from an A Beka narrative of a Biblical account as we looked at the accompanying cards. Perhaps sensing my discomfort (I corrected the errors in my mind before haltingly relating the account), Hannah told me to read to her from the Bible. She was two years old. From that day forward, that is exactly what I did--and I never looked back. No cards, flannelgraphs, pictures, etc. were necessary to keep her attention, either. She grew up without television and so there is no attention deficit disorder (ADD) which, incidentally, almost every person in America has--and it is only getting worse. When I used select illustrations, models, and fieldtrips at strategic times, they were for perception, texture, depth, and interest only. She reads straight King James Bible text with great interest. At nine years old, her favorite book is Leviticus. I asked why. She responded that she loves the details.

As long as we have a Bible, we have a school. If someone physically takes my Bible, it is still in my heart. I can teach in the classroom or in the bush. It has been my goal to cover the entire Bible with Hannah before she leaves my home. My sending scripture for homeschooling was Deuteronomy 6:6-9. I call it, "The Deuteronomy Mandate"--

Deuteronomy 6:6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:

Deuteronomy 6:7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Deuteronomy 6:8 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

Deuteronomy 6:9 And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.

For us, homeschooling is a vehicle by which to teach the scriptures. Our school is not child-centered, it is Bible centered. As a result, everything else came along (Matt 6:33). For us, this is what a basic classroom looks like.

It is my goal to capture what we did those first few years and make it available for those of like mind--those who are using homeschooling as a vehicle to teach the scriptures. Actually, this information could be used by any individual or group. Anybody who desires to learn the scriptures better (click here for an overview of the Bible). The Lord will bless them as they study--and as they learn the scriptures better all other things will make sense--even in the midst of a society exploding with information and new technologies (most of which are corruptions). They will be better able to read the signs of the times.

The Genesis Factor

When Hannah was three, I heard a sermon that pointed out that the Revelation promises a blessing to those that keep the sayings of the prophecy of the Revelation--

Revelation 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

Revelation 22:7 Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.

In response to this intriguing information, I selected a prophecy in Revelation to keep. I ended up at Revelation 14--

Revelation 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Revelation 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

I would worship God as Creator. I figured that the Genesis account would be the place to start (Genesis chapters 1-2) and thought that it would be good for my daughter to know. It ended up that we read it to her every Saturday (we called it Creation Saturday) for about a year (from 3 years old to 4 years old). Little did I know that it would order all things in heaven and in earth for us. It would organize our mental filing cabinet.

When formal school started, our Science was based on the outline of Genesis 1:1-2:7 (we memorized much of Genesis 1:1-2:7 in year 1 and knew by heart what was created each day. That knowledge has remained. We look at a fish and we think "day 5" when we try to figure out where he belongs.). Genesis 1:1-2:7 had such an explosive impact on our studies (Music, Science, Foreign Language, etc.) and outlook and more (I cannot fully calculate its impact), that I began calling that impact, "The Genesis Factor".

How We Use the Bible in Our School

We do not study the scriptures as a separate Bible study class. The scriptures actually form our Language Arts, Ancient History, and, at times, have even formed our Art and Spanish classes. The scriptures also give rise to various teachings and books that we publish in our school. It is very easy to do.

But there is more to our story than what immediately meets the eye.

It is worthy to note here a few elements of those early days that preceded even our Infant School. They were like soil preparation--

Well, here is our story. We will use pictures and captions to tell it in brief. These short files should be read in order, e.g., Infant School, Year 1, Year 2, etc. because the work has been progressive and cumulative. Instructions are not repeated over and over again. In addition, the books of the Bible are covered in general order (Genesis to Malachi and The Gospels to Revelation) year by year. Infant School (The Gospels), Year 1 (Genesis & Acts) Year 2 (Exodus through I Samuel 8 & Romans), etc.

Note: This is not meant to be overwhelming. I had a Bible to teach and that was it.
Anyone with a mind to teach their child the scriptures can do it by God's grace. We are just sharing here how we did it. As you cursor down this page, you will come to a yellow box with a link to our Free Online Learning Center which features some of our foundational books, worksheets, and teachings. The teachings there match up with the materials in this section. Being familiar the contents of this index page before accessing these select materials should be helpful.

Update: From this vantage point after what I have been through, I can say--

  • I am learning how to relax and enjoy my daughter, focus on others, avoid self-focus, avoid being consumed by the lamentable state of things occurring in the world.
  • It took a long, rough time before I started living more quietly and doing things for myself.
  • There should have been less books to read and less data and more quiet skill-building work. The basics can be learned without excesses. I tried to open up happy families through readings, but the scriptures show how families--and all things--are to be ordered.
  • A more bland, convenient, nutritious diet with adequate water would have been better--a diet consisting of whole foods cooked at home with real salt and minimal sweets ignoring the refined white sugar. Faring sumptuously can bring a snare. I was counseled to have a bland diet in some articles I read, but I did not hearken to them.
  • Regular, quiet, daily walks would have been very nice.
  • Observing the sabbath day from the beginning would have been good (We are NOT part of the Seventh Day Adventist cult).


  • Infant School (It is here that we began reading the scriptures responsively guided by the "Green Sheets"--a practice that opened the way (unbeknownst to us) for what we would continue to do for all the rest of her schooling. This is the root and beginning of our school. The creation and the gospel of Jesus Christ was opened to us.)
  • Infant School Resources: (may be forthcoming...)
  • A Quiet Revolution
  • Infant Reading in Three Easy Steps (babies can read--I'd use this method with any baby--normal or special needs, including deaf--even if it took a little longer and even if it took more effort to teach them. Deaf children are of normal intelligence, parents just need to pay attention to them and help them early on. Helen Keller learned to speak even though she was deaf and blind--and she learned to do it later in life when it is harder to learn. When she learned to speak, her hand was placed on her teacher's tongue and throat so that she could get an idea of how to speak and vocalize. I wrote an article, "Early Sign Language is Detrimental," I may upload it at some point. Sign language is not English and the Bible is written in English. Our children need to learn English so that they can read the Bible and have good command of the English language and have full, rich thought processes, processes untruncated by the early use of a sign language.)

    YEAR 1

  • Orientation.
    1. The Globe (The whole first week was an orientation to globe. These simple but CRITICAL teachings opened up the entire earth to a four year old.)
      The Earth: Our Home Booklet (includes teaching notes, board work ideas, and simple, basic worksheets that can be used with any age five years old or fifty years old.)
    2. Appointed Times Timeline (History orientation for our first History class. Opened up all of history to a four year old from the creation until the return of Christ.
    3. The Numberline. (The numberline was used: (1) to show that mathematics is simply counting up and down the numberline and (2) to open up the concept of years and BC and AD to a four year old.)
    We got our bearings on the whole world, all of history, and all of time here in Year 1. The Acts of the Apostles were opened to us.
  • Year 1 -- How we used the Bible to teach Language Arts
  • Year 1 -- How we used the Bible to teach Ancient History
  • Year 1 -- How we used the Bible to teach Science
  • Year 1 --How we used the Bible in Mathematics. Special teachings: Coins of the Bible ||| For the Love of Money
  • Sample Year 1 Schedule
  • Year 1 Resources:

(second grade)

  • Orientation. (first two weeks of school)
    1. Teaching Notes--emphasize last year's theme (God made the earth a special place to be inhabited) and this year's theme (God made man to rule the world); overview for this year's science program; We share the earth with other creatures; Creation contains living and non-living elements. May upload these teaching notes at some point.
    2. Anatomy Studies using the scriptures, models, boardwork, and worksheets. (THIS ARTICLE IS INCLUDED IN THE ANATOMY OVERVIEW BOOKLET--see the next entry down.)
      Anatomy Overview Booklet (Includes teacher notes, the simple, basic worksheets that we used, and a short overview of the 13 major body systems. The teachings stuck. Can be used for any age 5 years old or 50 years old.)
    3. History Review

    Results of Year 2: (1) we got our bearings on the structure of man's body (2) through our Ancient History studies (Exo.-Deu.) the law of Moses was opened to us.

  • Year 2 -- How we used the Bible to teach Language Arts
  • Year 2 -- How we used the Bible to teach Ancient History
  • Year 2 -- How we used the Bible to teach Science (THIS ARTICLE IS INCLUDED IN THE ANATOMY OVERVIEW BOOKLET which includes teacher notes, the simple, basic worksheets that we used, and a short overview of the 13 major body systems. The teachings stuck. Can be used for any age 5 years old or 50 years old.)
  • Year 2 -- How we used the Bible to quickly ignite our Spanish program (one month intensive)
  • Year 2 -- How we used the Bible in Mathematics. A few key Bible measures. How to Teach Fractions
  • Sample Year 2 Schedule
  • Year 2 Resources: (forthcoming...)
  • Year 3 (3rd grade): I Samuel 8 - II Kings/The Hebrew kings. Scholar read chapter and wrote own summaries, some dictation work.
  • Year 4 (4th grade): Created worksheets covering a number of New Testament epistles verse-by-verse--Independent Study.
  • Year 5 (5th grade): Language Arts ||| Art
  • Year 6 (6th grade): Psalms continued, Ezekiel completed. Next Daniel.

    Helps and resources: Download and bind your own Bible ||| Overview of the Bible ||| Books of the Bible Completion Chart (we put stars and dates on it to show what books we have covered and when.) ||| Annual Goals & Objectives Sheet (at beginning of school year) ||| Quarterly Review (with report card)

    Our School

    An unseen dimension guides and directs the sanctified school charting strange and exciting courses of study. The scriptures have actuallly taken us on a tour of all things in heaven and in earth. In the scriptures, there are plants, beasts, people, metals, places, occupations, etc. at every turn. Architecture, topography, weather, carpentry, mathematics, butchering, sewing, sailing, husbandry terms, techniques and phenomena throughout. The scriptures touch upon all of man's experiences--and in the process reveals what is good and what is evil. All learning is integrated together in one book. A systematic tour of the scriptures is a systematic tour of everything. A person of faith, anointed and blessed by God, can teach from it and know that he is teaching aright. This tour is true, precisely calibrated, and exact in its perspective. The Bible is a vast, sweeping book that takes us back to the very beginning of the creation and quickly whisks us to the end of that same creation. Its central message is Christ and him crucified and risen to save mankind from their sins. Upon believing and receiving this report on good ground, God shows us how to walk through this life with him--his word firmly in our hand and our heart.

    Upon studying the scriptures day by day, God began to reveal many things to us in many remarkable ways--and has continued to do so. This section is a history of our path. Our school has corrected many deceptions that lodged inside of me and has brought forth worship and a restructuring of my mind. The greatness of God is in larger view. In the case of my daughter, she is not deceived in the first place and is one of the few counsellors on the entire earth that I can listen to because of that. This is how we classify grades--

    • Infant School ("preschool")
    • Year 1 ("kindergarten")
    • Year 2 (second grade)
    • Year 3 (third grade)
    • Year 4 (fourth grade)
    • Year 5 (fifth grade), etc.


    • Year 1: Make Room for Jesus
    • Year 2: Keep Moving
    • Year 3: Follow After Charity
    • Year 4: Go Without
    • Year 5: To Deal A Blow; Run and Record.
    • Year 6: It is not my choice

    This section primaily records what we did up through Year 6* in our sanctified school. It is not necessary nor desirable that someone try to do everything exactly the same way that we did. This information is supplied to record what we did and forms part of my daughter's inheritance. Those that have an ear to hear can use this information, if so led.

    *In Year 7, we continue our incremental progression in academics and skills building. We are using the GED and other diagnostics to fill in any learning gaps. For information on topics we are considering in Year 7, check out the Deception Series.

    [Note: I did not read all of the books mentioned below, but the title or summary or premise were important to my understanding in some way. I rarely read a whole book. I have a choice library and many of the volumes in it are reference material only. I explain to my daughter what I want her to know or I make a teaching after researching an issue. Occasionally, I'll give her an excerpt or a book to read.]

    A question for homeschoolers, "Exactly what do you want your child to know? List it and teach it. Here are some of the things that I wanted Hannah to know.

    Not everyone is a friend to homeschoolers. The Home School Legal Defense Association (http://hslda.org/) provides legal help for its members in the event of a visit from the state (membership cost is minimal and they provide attorneys if there are troubles). Membership in hslda.org may be of assistance--but do not put your trust in the organization. Keep your options open as to whom you will appeal for counsel.HSLDA appears as a "leader" in the homeschool movement, but there are things in emails, one of their magazines, etc. that can raise serious questions in the mind: (HSLDA The Home School Court Report magazine (summer 2012) has an article--"Pope Benedict XVI urges United Nations to support homeschooling"; HSLDA email (2-25-14) has blurb and link to--"UN to Vatican: Your Theology Violates Child Rights"; HSLDA email (2-20-14)--"Come Hear Luis Palau and Dr. David Jeremiah"--to be held at Patrick Henry College (see wayoflife.org for "Luis Palau and Rome" and "Evangelicals Turning to Roman Catholic Contemplative Spirituality" (has section on David Jeremiah); HSLDA email (3-4-14)--"Sign up for Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith" (agenda for the conference includes "Special session for clergy only (nondenominational)" pensmoredialogue.com)). There are other things as well...



  • Infant School
  • Formal School
            *Language Arts
            *Counting (Mathematics)
  • What if I have an older child and want to do this?
  • Pedagogy

    Infant School

    I didn't know that I was going to homeschool. I didn't know that babies could read. I wanted Hannah to know Jesus. I would say his name and sing songs from infancy. I also started singing the ABC song at some point. At 18 months old she sang it, through tears, on a doctor's examination table. Since she knew the ABCs, I wondered if she could read. I made some flash cards (including, "God," "Bible," and "Jesus") and kept them accessible in an empty kleenex box. I flashed them. Two months later, she approached me with the words. Babies could read.

    Children can learn the scriptures and all academic basics in preschool--reading, writing, and arithmetic (we've kept what people call "the three Rs" in mind--Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic in mind throughout all of Hannah's schooling--Reading, Writing, and Counting are all commanded in the scriptures). At three, Hannah could read at a second grade level. At four, she was reading the Authorized Version with me responsively. She was adding four-digit numbers in preschool.

    The sample to the left was not in Infant School, it was the first week of "kindergarten" (Year 1). Hannah was over four and a half at that time. The mathematics sample was preschool. By the time Year 1 began, Hannah was about half way through first grade mathematics. God kept us moving in those early days--not with a lot of work, but rather a few fun minutes of study that oftentimes kept her wanting more. We started academic exercises in earnest when she was three years old and able to read. The key was consistency. See our story and what we used here

  • What we did. (a concise overview of (1) what we did amongst the backdrop of the scriptures, (2) when we did it; and, (3) the resources that we used. There are changes that I would make if I had it to do again, but this is what we did.)
  • Survey of the Gospels (Infant School in pictures. It is here that Hannah learned to read and write the scriptures. She also began learning counting and mathematics.)

  • Three years old.

    Formal School

    Language Arts
    (Comprehension, Penmanship, Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar, Copying, Dictation, Composition)

  • Year 1: A Survey of the Early Church (Acts) (Reading Comprehension, Penmanship, Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar, Copying, Cursive); weekly God is Love Day (included read aloud selection, i.e., Mary Jones and Her Bible; Biography of George Washington Carver; exploration of Psalm 119 which is all about the merits of God's word and learned to pronounce each letter of the Hebrew alphabet as found therein.
  • Year 2: Romans (Reading Comprehension, Copying Teacher summaries from the board, Penmanship, Spelling, Grammar (What is Grammar, Punctuation, Basic parts of a Sentence, etc.); Mennonite Christian testimonies including women who had to put up with no good men--as a warning to never marry a heathen (This strategy was fruitful but there was a problem: Hannah read the same books repeatedly and she wanted to read more books. I had to tear books away from Hannah--BE CAREFUL. Back then I did not know about work as a lifestyle, homesteading, sewing, etc. and I was a reader.)
  • Year 3: Scholar read the scriptures (see Ancient History Year 3) and wrote her own summaries. A Defense of the Sabbath (the sabbath has been the 7th day from the very beginning and never changed. We are NOT part of the Seventh Day Adventist cult); restoration of the sabbath rest in our lives and the accompanying blessing; hornbook.
  • Year 4: The Epistles (Independent Study Worksheets that I wrote--not all at once. Maybe a few on the sabbath as I studied, maybe the morning before the lesson); learned more parts of speech; one night discovered the Psalms as medicine clearing up oppression--afterward they found an important place in our Language Arts program; Revisited Hebrew alphabet in Daniel V: Geometry--compared Hebrew, Greek, and Latin letters; Deaf Studies--learned signs for "Bible," "God," "Jesus" -- this focus on these three (in this order) once again served as a catalyst for an explosion of understanding--American Sign Language is not English, Early Sign Language is Detrimental, etc.; The Manual Alphabet; Helen Keller & Annie Sullivan-Macy; Grammar, 8 parts of speech, personification; method for teaching infant reading, pedagogy; Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets in Daniel 5; typing; writing html; King James Bible is superior English, flawless in grammatical structure--wherever you touch it, whatever discipline, it is perfect to an unrivaled degree wide, expansive, all-encompassing.
  • Year 5: The Psalms: Nourishment and medicine while achieving language arts proficiency; Typing (short introduction to the Gutenberg press and its impact on spreading the word of God.); Grammar, 8 parts of speech, sentence diagramming; introduction to Korean; Hebrew alphabet revisited; [create hornbook for Hebrew, Greek, & Latin]. Publishing (Brainstorming, Writing, Reviewing, Editing, Binding, Business startup and development, broken works).
  • Year 6:The Psalms continued; English Reviews (Thursdays); early morning walks and personal Bible reading; parallelism, contrasts; my- mine, thy-thine; making data plain by use of tables; diagnostics 4th grade and up from the dollar store--designed to "national standards" and, in this case, intelligently written with historical facts, etc. This book is light and easy with good review material; Psalm 119 in the hands of the misused and rejected gives proper perspective and sets the ship back aright; Psalm 100 on 10-27-09 gave rise to Thanksgiving meditations and plans.

    [Note: The last column of this graphic should read "Phoenician" because that is what we had it labeled as when Hannah did this exercise. It was later on when I came across the name of the Hebrew sign letters, Ktav Ivri.] In Year 5, we found that the Hebrew alphabet found in Psalm 119 opens up multiple languages with a pyramid effect--Phoenician, Greek, Latin, English, Persian, Chaldee, Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopian, Samaritan, Etruscian, etc. taking us on to a discussion of linguistics, commonalities (and differences) in languages and structures. Hannah completed this table as part of a teaching on Luke 23:38. It was found in her Geometry book (Daniel V) where we not only covered Cartesian coordinate graphs, angles (practiced drawing right angles with shoes/boots on the "legs"), the Pythagorean theorom, area, etc. but map coordinates (which was the catalyst for compiling the book in the first place--Hannah wanted to know what the numbers on the map meant--geometry means "earth measure"), grenades, signs, symbols, honey bees, and shapes (like salt crystals, spiralled snail shells, etc.). These ebbs were enlightening and relieving. American textbooks stuff in too much, what I call, "Greek". Jumbled up confounded bits of "facts" totally unrelated to real life and God. Because "Greek" teaching is not intuitive, it must be memorized. A few of us get it, but most do not. I did not get it. And if I cannot understand something, I do not worry about trying to teach it to my daughter. That would not make sense. Some homeschoolers keep bumbling over things that they cannot understand (especially more advanced mathematics) ending up in frustration and discouragement. I took Calculus in school so I kept seeking out reasons to teach Hannah Calculus, but could not find them. I searched high and low, bought books, conducted interviews, even watched a DVD about it, but still had no reasons. Hannah finally said that it was probably because I never used it. Well put. After she said that I was no longer looking for reasons to teach Calculus. Our mathematics must be useful and not useless (I love the usefulness of arithmetic). I will do what I can and lay a sound mathematical foundation. If she has an interest in going any further than I can take her, I will be there to encourage her and support her in her worthy endeavors. When there is something that I want Hannah to know, but I cannot teach it, I appoint a tutor of some sort whether a book (which is how she learned to knit), a cassette tape, a DVD, or a person. These times are very rare. I believe in teaching what I know. If I don't know much about a subject, I study it and then put it in a format that we can both understand.

  • Year 1: Appointed Times Timeline; Survey of Genesis Protestant Reformation--Martin Luther video (every October 31)
  • Year 2: History of the Israelites teaching; Survey of the Old Testament Continues: Exodus (The Terrors of Mt. Sinai, Extensive drawing of the Tabernacle and its Furniture), Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth (Lunch with Ruth), I Samuel 1-8; explanation of how the Israelites would enter the promised land, disobey and one day be carried away as captives into Assyria; introduction to the Nebuchadnezzar's image and its four kingdoms; King James VI & I (king who commissioned the King James Bible) and some of his family--mother Mary Queen of Scots, relatives the Tudors (including Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I); "not Amerigo, America!"; Brave New Schools (www.crossroad.to/Books/BraveNewSchools/Contents.html) ||| Underground History of American Education (www.johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm); Mennonite true stories, e.g., A Song for Your Honor and women who married no good men (to warn against base men).
  • Year 3: The Hebrew Kings: I Samuel 9 - II Kings, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes; Civil War; Poem of Dates--(Span five centuries in 30 seconds. Received during our feast of booths.); Chronicles of the United States of America I: From Adam to Independence (our publication); Judges is the ideal form of government as outlined in the scriptures; American History--David Brainerd, missionary to the red man; Luther's theses; Civil War: Frederick Douglass Slave Narrative, Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Sojourner Truth; Jamestowne to the Revolution--Patrick Henry voice of the Revolution, we became freedom lovers in studying U.S. history--including the testimony of the native American, Harriet Tubman, and the rugged independence of the early colonists and settlers; Colonial Life; Pioneer Life; Soldier's Life. We found a new, self-sufficent kind of life in these studies; Gettysburg; Lincoln Memorial; Lincoln an amazing president, statesman, and writer; Chronicles of the United States of America-Volume I: From Adam to Independence. Secret, Don't Tell: Encyclopedia of Hypnosis (hypnosis is happening, and has been happening, to Americans. Part II of the hypnosis article is here.)
  • Composition: Biographies
  • image

    All of history is not equally important. Daniel, via Nebuchadnezzar's image, tells us which four world kingdoms to know-- Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greeks, and Romans. The last kingdom, the Roman empire, never died. The caesar/pontifex maximus is still sitting on his throne. He is still called pontifex maximus. He is the pope of Rome. For a more in-depth look at this, see the overviews for Daniel and Revelation on our Overiew of the Bible page.

  • Year 4: From National Sovereignty to World Government; Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (an amazing, on-target warning--1835 by Samuel Finley Breese Morse [inventor of the Morse Code]; The Great Whore Scrapbook; The Roman Empire Never Died; For the Love of Money; Christopher Columbus, Roman Catholic pirate (See www.jamesknox.com/lessons/pdf/bible_history_vol_1.pdf History of the Holy Bible in America by James Knox--begin at page 9); founding fathers (James Madison, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Federalist Papers), Constitutional Convention; Chronicles of the United States of America-Volume II: The Constitution (includes INS citizenship test); Independence Tour: Philadelphia
  • Year 5: Ezekiel: Prophet of the Captivity; Electing a President of the United States; Barak Obama & John McCain, "Whoever wins, we lose"; Civics; Hebrews; Matthew 24; The Workes (1616) by King James VI & I (summary and read online); Karl Marx & Communism--dressed up recusancy;     Israel vs. the Church: A False Dichotomy; BiblicalScholarship.net (1-25-09); Jewish bankers are not the originators of the central bank. Never forget the Mother (look at the Bank of Rome spanning across the centuries.); The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (don't forget THE MOTHER); The Rabbi & the Roman Priest; Holocaust studies; God Made Whole Things, ugly art and aesthetic signs of the disordered mind of modern man. Life in the concrete jungle--no earthworms, slugs, gardens, fires, life. Just tv, vending machines, grocery stores, soccer games, machine modern living. It impacts all that these people do--from writing textbooks to holding up the corner grocery store to murder to practicing pharmaceutical medicine. Pharisees Alive; term "biosecurity" arises; Deception Series Revisited
  • Year 6: Ezekiel: Prophet of the captivity continued (the temple) and completed; Barak Obama, despot; more rapid changes of U.S. government; crooked "czars" (no congressional oversight); almost complete capitulation of the minds of industrialized citizens worldwide; the complete takeover of despots; THE MOTHER; need to be free of debt; ideally do not store money, use it to pay all debts and purchase hard, tangible goods (house and land); U.N. mischief; Congressman Wilson & "You Lie!"; www.jihadwatch.org/2008/03/here-is-fitna.html -- Fitna Movie (stunning documentary about the menace of Islam); "U.S. government fomenting class warfare with class redistribution programs," Congressman Ron Paul [i.e., we are becoming a more communist state]; Community Organizing to amass willingly-dependent-I-want-a-handout/government-be-my-babysitter-while-I-watch-tv-and-am-ignorant-citizens as a force to vote in and sustain crooked politicians that will give them a $100 here and a day off there meanwhile capitalizing on the wave of "popular support" and villainizing any legitimate opposition. With the Obama administration, mafia-types are in full view--although they've been around a long time in the U.S. government. Through the pleasure principle, false education, and dependency, Americans are big enough fools--and the powers have enough information control--for the thugs to come out boldly and ruthlessly suppress all opposition; talk of U.S. concentration camps and foreign troops arises once again. Horrors and blessings of the transatlantic slave trade; The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano ||| Islam: What the West Needs to Know; Islam comes to take over your country; immigration of Catholics, Muslims, and others to swing the balances from the American population; 2009 for the first time feel like a stranger in my own country. People from oppressive governments are used to being controlled--and the object here is government control--while lazy, sit-back-and relax-and-watch-tv-and-golf-and-go-to-amusement-parks-and-live-in-a-big-house-and-I-can-get social-"security"-when-I-get-old Americans WANT to be controlled by a Big Brother government as long as they can still play; Americans (practically all white peoples) and low fecundity--we do not have many children, but our enemies and the immigrants do--we'll be overrun soon. God said be fruitful and MULTIPLY--Americans and many Europeans didn't listen; Antichrist Conspiracy by Hendrie Revisited (earlier version named Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) as the Inquisitor General of the CDF--modern name for the Inquisition--years before he became pope); [Black Thursday];   |||   The Great Depression studies--what life was like & what Americans did to survive; The Netherlands & The Hague "the world's legal capital"--world court; Criminalization of the Truth; Response to a Muslim Bully ||| Praying Hyde (missionary to India who gave himself unto prayer until the end.) Ron Paul [questionable book on homeschooling] Will use in teaching economics and the mechanisms used for the final overthrow of America.); New Order of Barbarians revisited, Chernobyl--"except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."; pray for those in anguish and in lock down prison under Satan and his principalities. People like those in Chernobyl are in houses of cruelty and affliction--remember those in bonds and pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into his harvest. Communism is already come to a wicked, sleeping, lazy America; of all horrors, the greatest is the state of the visible church; People need you to be the way Christ died to make you--sanctify yourself for others that they might be saved and safe; "biosecurity" bills written so broadly that they could include outlawing homestead gardening/husbandry. No doubt the biotech giants like Monsanto (GMO Trilogy) are behind such legislation. Once you know how their system works, it is easy to see how a term one day (like "biosecurity"), becomes the springboard for an oppressive law the next day. But if the questionnaire meant nothing to you, you will remain blind and part of the problem like the masses.); The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America; Rape as a form of jihad: Muslim Rape Epidemic in Europe; Where is the camp of the saints? Everybody is together except us--whether fake Christian, Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. But WHERE is the camp of the saints? A Warning ||| The Black Pope: A History of the Jesuits --www.BiblicalScholarship.net/blackpope.pdf; ||| Mephibosheth & VigilantWatchman ||| www.christianaction.org/homegrownjihad.aspx Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Training Camps Around U.S. ||| Obamacare ||| Dutch Parliamentarian and filmmaker, Geert Wilders, put on criminal trial in the Hague ("legal capital of the world") FOR MAKING THE FITNA MOVIE. He was told that it did NOT matter if Fitna was true, it mattered that he offended Muslims even though they've threatened to kill him and have assassinated and attempted to assassinate others in his homeland. Calamities and failures are happening all over the world in every sphere but all this chaos comes from a single source that has the longevity and resources required to fuel it and keep it going, a source that has finely coordinated this hijacking. A source that has been identified through numerous books through the centuries. There has been a taking down of all things--family, money, history, education, science, food, water, etc. This sorcery has been going on for years as wicked citizens have revelled in Rome's bread and circuses; but now it is time to pay the piper and nobody wants to pay. God increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again. (ref. Job 12:23) ALL the foundations of the earth are out of course. Never forget The Mother nor her pestilent Jesuits--NEVER. ||| How We Live: Economic Wisdom Simplified--A Simple Dissection of the Economic Body based on the Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom by Fred G. Clark and Richard Stanton Rimanoczy Test booklet for Economic Wisdom ||| Reminiscences of my life in Persia (by Mary Jewett, a revealing account of a missionary's life in a land under Islam) ; 2011 400th Year Anniversary of the King James Bible; foreigners run America destroying it and sending her wealth offshore; America run by international crime syndicate; Alex Jones on Rahm Emanuel [DO NOT ENDORSE OR ADVISE PEOPLE TO WATCH ALEX JONES]; Fall of the Republic ||| Drunk With Sugar (do not recommend listening to part two. Do not agree with the website's theology); The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (.pdf); communism; the end of America.
  • Other: Chart of Completion for each Book of the Bible completed; 14 Stations of Historic Events

  • In Year 1 our History program covered Genesis. In Year 2, we covered Exodus through I Samuel 8 and, at the end of Year 2, we covered the American slave trade and the Civil War. That summer we went to a Civil War reenactment and a museum of Civil War medicine. In Year 3 we entered the era of the Hebrew kings (I, II Kings, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon). We also found ourselves learning more about the History of the United States. We covered the honourable Abraham Lincoln and learned about Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. We also studied a colonial village in our homemade mathematics book, Counting with Daniel & Father Book I: Journey to a Colonial Village (see graphic below). This then sent us to Jamestowne, the birthplace of America. Then in January (equipped with a basic understanding of how things transpired) I put on a one woman monologue play for Hannah--I was the colonists, George III, and the soldiers--to Hannah's delight. It was fun and quite interesting. For spring break, we went to Gettysburg and learned more about the Civil War. Then, at the end of the school year, we read Chronicles of the United States of America Volume I: From Adam to Independence, the first in our series of homemade U.S. History books, on the shores of the James River (named after King James of the King James Bible). The flies were very bad at that time of the year, but we had peace next to the river. Our U.S. studies were short and spread out and engaging for both of us and so they stuck. I've always been poor at history and geography. I had to take it a little at a time--and it ended up that that was GOOD for line must be upon line and precept must be upon precept, here a LITTLE and there a LITTLE. The next year, we would go on to Chronicles Volume II: The Constitution--the new nation needed some rules by which to govern itself.

    Counting (Mathematics)
  • Year 1: Numberline; Four Basic Operations of Mathematics; RightStart books B, C, & part of D [RIGHTSTART NOW (2014/2015) HAS TWO EDITIONS OF RIGHTSTART MATERIAL (RIGHTSTARTMATH.COM)--WE USED THE FIRST EDITION, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE SECOND/UPDATED EDITION (I LOOKED AT IT), THE FIRST EDITION WORKED WELL FOR US]; Special teachings: The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil; Biblical Measurements (no memorizing); [Of note: At the beginning of Year 1 I viewed introductory Algebra I DVDs by Leonard Firebaugh (skipped over an introductory jest, otherwise very plain speaking which works well for us and plenty of basic workbook exercises -- www.mathrelief.com), Hannah decided to work along with it for about four lessons. They consist of traditional mathematics teaching using traditional terms (important because terminology is changing now and today's student cannot necessarily understand traditional mathematics terminology). Through the years I've used the worksheets at various times but have not used the DVDs yet--as of Year 7. I found the Algebra program that RightStart recommended totally and completely unacceptable--I viewed a sample lesson. [RIGHTSTART NOW (2014/2015) HAS TWO EDITIONS OF RIGHTSTART MATERIAL (RIGHTSTARTMATH.COM)--WE USED THE FIRST EDITION, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE SECOND EDITION (I LOOKED AT IT), THE FIRST EDITION WORKED WELL FOR US]]
  • Year 2: Four Basic Operations of Mathematics; Textbooks can't handle God's fractions; sketching cubes, PEMAS; RightStart Book D and selected portions of Book E (became like other math books so we did selected exercises and put it to the side for our own homemade books--I ONLY RECOMMEND THE FIRST EDITION OF RIGHTSTART MATERIALS); Fractioning--God's response to my "Fraction's crisis." The basics of fractions can be taught one time in about five minutes or less; understood scope and sequence for our mathematics program: arithmetic, geometry (trigonometry as a branch of geometry), algebra, calculus. I Kings 7:23 to determine circumference (comments may be forthcoming). Book, "Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus" by Keith Kressin was, and continues to be, used as a mathematics reference.
  • Year 3: Used Counting with Father and Daniel, our homemade mathematics series; Calculus discussions. Disturbing visit with a professor jumpstarted a determination to always keep our mathematics useful.
    1. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book I: Journey to a Colonial Village
    2. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book II: Ciphering
    3. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book III: Fractions, Percentages, & Decimals
    4. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book IV: Divers Measures
  • Daniel_cover

    In Year 3, this homemade mathematics book unexpectedly sent us to Jamestowne ("America's birthplace" named after King James VI & I, founding monarch of the United States) forwarding our U.S. History studies and propelling us into a whole new sort of self-sufficient life outside of grocery stores and electricity. I'm no artist, I often use tracing paper and photographs, etc. to create drawings. Notice the four basic operations of mathematics + - x ÷ at the bottom. All four of these operations are found in the scriptures. These were emphasized from Year 2. All mathematics is based on going up and down the numberline. We actually called mathematics, "counting" because that was the Bible word for our exercises. This liberated me early on--mathematics was hard but I knew that I could count. Mathematics is a counting approach, not the only one and not necessarily the best one, but we learn it because it is used in our society. It is all I know and I have found it useful, so I teach it. Be all this as it may, we leave room for improvements and our own mathematical contributions. We know that mathematics has limitations. It most certainly cannot handle God's fractions (e.g., dividing 5 loaves and two fishes amongst 5,000 and having a remainder of 12 baskets full.). We may not know how to do this, yet, but the Lord said that if we had faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, we could do miracles too.

  • Year 4--Added to Daniel and Father sequence (keep cycling at the end)
          5. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book V: Geometry
          6. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book VI: Bookkeeping
          7. Counting With Daniel and Father: Book VII: Algebra [revisited www.mathrelief.com DVD course worksheets (also have the Algebra II)]
  • Year 5: Added to Daniel and Father sequence (keep cycling)
          8. Counting with Daniel and Father: Book VIII: Geometry II (just a few key exercises)
    Also completed diagnostics for various grades for review and to address any gaps; Calculus discussions. Modified Manual Counting (count to any number using your hands--works in place value. Preschoolers can learn it.)
  • Year 6: 7th grade diagnostics (unknowns addressed as we arrive at problems that she has forgotten or is not familiar with); cycling through Daniel and Father. www.powersof10.com/index.php?mod=watch_powersof10 "Powers of 10" (DVD) revisited;
  • Other: How we will use mathematics.   Math Discussion; Life Without Zero; Early Greek Learning is Detrimental; Calculus


    Science means, "knowledge". What images come to our minds when we think of science? White lab coats, chemicals, rats, dissections? Is this good? Is this type of "science" a Christian approach to studying God's creation? What does God think about it? Can we use this so-called science in our daily lives? If not, it is time to redefine what science is--and what it is not.

    Is not much of what we call science actually vandalism? Is cutting up and tearing up dead animals that you are not going to eat science? Is it science to mix dangerous chemicals and then pollute the environment when you are done with your "science experiment"?


    This amazing graphic came from two different sources (1) a pottery book (these are natural colored clays. Only the black clay had a pigment added--which is what we see in people) and (2) a children's article teaching about "evolution". Belief in Genesis 1:1 - 2:7 caused the connection between the two pictures to be made. I tore them out of their respective books, put them in a frame, and placed them on a shelving unit. Understanding that God made us from the clay/dust of the ground has helped us to understand the role of plants in our diet--they change dust nutrients into a form suitable for man and beast. By extension, we have seen rocks as storehouses of packed together minerals to be leeched into the soil and brought up again by plants. We need the dust bits--the calcium, the phosphorous, the potassium, the sulphur, the sodium, the magnesium, the iron, the iodine, etc.--from the ground because we are made from the dust of the earth. These bits are found in our bones, our tissues, our fluids. Eating whole foods that come from real plants and animals (not GMOs) grown and raised on real, mineral-rich soil fed with organic matter like dung (not artificial, lab made, synthetic fertilizers) gives the body what it needs from the ground. On the other hand, eating junk food, processed food with additives, and synthetic foods leaves a people minerally deficient and sickly. Type 2 diabetes and various ailments arise from a chronically unhealthy diet (including too much sugar)--one where people are not consuming what their bodies need to function properly. Our bodies also need clean air and clean water in order to function optimally. The three great domains are land, water, and air. A cursory look around reveals that all three are being greatly polluted with chemicals and corrupt practices.

    When Dr. Jekyll with his fancy college degree makes his goat-man Frankenstein by mixing the DNA of two creatures, is it science? And is not Dr. Jekyll terribly cruel as he uses nuclear technology to fertilze women's eggs/ovum so that he can tear up the brand new babies? Is not the sale of aborted baby parts to the "biotec" monsters horrific? Then why in the world are the "Christian" textbook publishers parroting back the same old phoney-baloney experiments and terms (e.g. the five phyllum) as Dr. Jekyll? Who is protesting this abomination? Where is Genesis 1:1-2:7 in the so-called "Christian" textbook classifications?

    Because we are stuck in a humanistic mindset, we don't know what we are doing. Christians are homeschooling based on messed-up, fouled up, corrupted, defiled, false knowledge that they learned in a godless, child-centered educational system. Meanwhile a Bible sits on the shelf gathering dust--and if their Bible is an unauthorized version, it cannot help.

    What is science? Can science be feeding the ground and growing enough corn to last you through the winter? Can science actually be satisfying as you eat a meal that came from your own ground, cooked over a fire that you made from sticks you gathered in your own yard? After you learn to grow your own food, can you then turn and see, with understanding, what false scientists are really doing to the corn plant and how that new organism is different from what God made? Can we then see with greater understanding and horror the true meaning of the terminator seed and modern agricultural methods? After you've used animal dung to feed your ground according to scripture principles, can you feel the great horror of Dr. Jekyll using chemicals to feed the ground and then feeding dung to animals as part of their ration? [warning: some gardeners have reported that animal dung from animals fed GMO-type rations has caused their plants not to grow]

    Our homeschool is full of life and light--every day is a fascinating adventure--but when I try to talk to anyone outside of it, it seems that I have nothing to talk about but death. Maybe that's because that's where the masses are still living.

    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. II Corinthians 6:17-18

  • Year 1:The Globe; a plan for the continents; whales only creatures specifically named in Genesis 1; create outline of creation based on Genesis 1:1-2:7-- "THE GENESIS FACTOR" WOULD PROVE CRITICAL; Collage of the People, Plants, and Animals of the Earth; memorized Genesis 1:1-2:7 writing down each verse after being memorized (we got to 1:25 and then finished the rest at a later time); Topical Studies for each day of creation beginning with day one (based on Genesis 1:1-2:7 outline)--based on fundamental precepts of each aspect of creation; what we call "space" is a created thing, the firmament. It is substance, it is "firm" look up at the sun, moon and stars suspended in it; here and henceforth exploring topography of the earth to open perception and perspective--mountains, valleys, deserts, beaches, volcanoes, etc. Also earth is a circle (Isaiah), simulated ball in water, earth layers, clouds (day 2) bottles of heaven (Job).
  • Year 2: Anatomy: Outwards (Gross), Bones (Skeletal), Inwards (Internal organs), introduction to 13 body systems, e.g., digestive, respiratory, etc. Unexpected result of anatomy study--knowledge of man's anatomy served as a benchmark for the study of animals (and plants). When Hannah learned that sheep have 52 vertebrae, she said "Wow!" because she instantly compared it with man's 26. At Leviticus 11 in our Ancient History studies, we took several days to study the anatomy of Sacrificial Animals; Astronomy: Standard vs. Solar Time; The ecliptic and the seasons; Charted waxing and waning Moon from our front yard; Moon Phases; circuits--Ecclesiastes 1--sun, wind, water ("evaporaton cycle"); digestive system consists of activity around one continuous tube begining at esophagus to belly to bowels and out the draught; mineralogy--explorations in stones of the breastplate as found in Ex 28.

    This amazing graphic shows all of creation in a single picture. It includes the classifications of Genesis 1:1-2:7, e.g. plant classifications (grass, herb yielding seed, fruit tree yielding fruit), land animal classifications (cattle, creeping thing (not just insects--Lev 11), beast of the earth), celestial body classifications (sun, moon, stars--"planet" is a Bible word but not used in Genesis. Incidentally, the earth is not a planet. Planet means "wanderer"). The telephone is in this graphic, dimension, the firmament--everything. Genesis 1 reveals that darkness is a created thing. It is a substance and God can make it to be felt (Ex 10:21). Notice man is standing in the region in which he was created (ref. Gen 2:7-15, possibly Ez 31:16). Created a model breastplate
    ; Tubal-cain the father of every artificer in brass and iron (today that would include the man who makes computers and others that use metals; www.rocksandminerals.com Rockman's Trading Post mineral sample kits--the big kit "The Washington School Collection" includes a piece of brimstone (modern name is "sulfur/sulphur"). Other kits have names like, "Rocks We Eat", Rock for Faces and Other Places", and "Unusual Properties of Minerals"; Rockman video, "Out of the Rock" was eye openining to the importance of rocks and man's waste of them in producing cheap goods and flashy packaging which is simply discarded; ores; note--ALL THE ROCK INFORMATION WAS NOT LEARNED AT ONE TIME!!!!!! We read the scriptures, investigated based on the scriptures in year 1 and proceeded here a little there a little as opportunities presented themselves, e.g., Aaron's breastplate in Year 2 and sketchinging mineral crystals for Geometry in Year 3--Genesis 1:1-2:7 never lets us forget the basic things to study, the teaching of ores was this simple (Hannah was about 5)--a short discussion and a picture on the chalkboard, "Metals are found stuck in other substances like a strawberry covered in chocolate" the other substance surrounding it is called the ore; (Light: Electric Power Plants and How they Work (went to see the "big boys" (towering electric power lines) and a nearby transformer. Developed a teaching on the subject.); Michael Faraday, magnets, the dynamo, lightning. Uses of Urea/Urine; Vaccinations Modern Vandalism--Nuclear Power Plants and resulting toxic waste; the cruel exploit horses for urine to sell to pharmaceuticals; Periodic Table of the "Elements" is a misnomer--we renamed it "Periodic Table of the Components". It is remarkable that all substances found in heaven or earth consist of only a handful substances arranged in various ways. The true elements are found in Genesis 1 which most certainly include earth and water (also included may be darkness (darkness IS a substance and God can make it felt (Egypt and Revelation), firmament, and light). Read an interesting and insightful book about the History of the Periodic Table (name?); Cow raised on urine proteins in the 1960s. We couldn't make butter at the End of the Year Banquet--I did not know that you could not with HOMOgenized milk (it has been blasted to bits so the milk does not separate; crocheting; Garment construction. How to Make Your Own Homemade Menstrual Pads
  • Year 3: Canned wild persimmon preserves; constellations; Fermentation experiments: Sourdough (Yeast), Wine/Strong Drink/Alcohol--Biblical Uses & Misuses, Properties and Uses in Medicine, etc.; make your own toothpaste Birdfeeding station and guide to learn native birds--"Beginner's Guide to Bird Feeding" by Donald & Lillian Stokes "A Guide to Birding" by Forshaw, Howell, Lindsey, Stallcup; Incubated and Raised a Quail Chick (clean Bible animal)-chicks NEED their dams; tending indoor garden made me realize that husbandman means husband--taking care of the plants; Scientists Who Saved Many Lives (Leeuwenhoek, Semmelweiss, Pasteur, Lister)--see History of Medicine by Tiner; climate zones; handsewing what is a good suit of clothes--make it. Sewing is used in many occupations, e.g. surgeon; Indoor & Outdoor cleaning/organizing Husbandry--threw an overgrown potato in the ground and, in a few months, ate a meal we grew--deeply satisfying; tub of Can't Believe It's Not Butter turns into a car oil type substance (smell and look) when accidentally left on the stove--stoppped using permanently and later found out its history--turkeys wouldn't eat it so sold it to the public. Preservation Methods: Drying, Brine, Canning, Cracknel; Realization we have home but not a homestead; Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery; Nutrition & Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price; Root Canal Coverup by Dr. George Meinig; Price-Pottenger Foundation; Nature Bound Pocket Field Guide by Ron Dawson (plant photos, survival info) Modern Vandalism--GMO Food; GMO Trilogy (DVD) including The Future of Food (MUST HAVES); in white flour the removing of the nutritious wheat germ and bran leaving us eating a less nutritious product will have a longer shelf life--"enriched" flour is actually "stripped" with extra "stuff" added that it might have some nutritional value. Americans would be in horrible shape without "enriched"; Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon--MUCH LARGER THAN A COOKBOOK (must have).
  • purple_viking_potato

    Digging out a purple viking potato. A few years ago, I found three potatoes in the pantry that were covered with eye sprouts. I planted them in one of the worst parts of the yard to see what would happen. A few months later, we had more than we started with and made a small meal of them. A humble beginning but a liberating, satisfying, and important milestone for us.
  • Year 4: Man's Nutritional Needs; prime meridian should go through Jerusalem (Ezekiel); Breadmaking class; Eight-year rough draft; types of knots; make your own fisher's net; Squanto teaches the importance of feeding the soil; Husbandry to grow a nourishing garden; Soil Studies; Americans are helpless, can't take care of themselves and dependent on greedy, uncaring people--Science focal points should be self-sufficiency in Food/Clothing/Water/Shelter/Fire; www.ofthefield.com -- Linda Runyon lived off of wild plants for thirteen years--and she shares this critical knowledge at the right hour in an engaging and delightful manner--Homestead Memories, Survival Acre, the Essential Wild Food Survival Guide (formerly, "From Crabgrass Muffins to Pine Needle Tea"), Wild Cards with photos of edible wild foods, a DVD that complements the Essential Wild Food Survival Guide, etc.; Horsemanship; Power of Dung; desire for a homestead; knitting Primitive Carpentry: build simple toolbox/handtools (hammer, nails, saw, sickle, mallet, drawknife, bit & drill, Arkansas stone, etc.)/build workbench/joinery/joists/etc.); Back to Basics by Reader's Digest (old American ways WORTH HAVING ISBN-0-89577-086-5Year 5: Homestead studies: chickens, goats, honeybees, [nut trees], staples, onions, garlic, potatoes, blueberry & raspberry bushes, corn, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, celery, parsley, sage, oregano, Rosalie paste tomatoes, mint, green beans, grapes, pears, apples, figs, green peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, asparagus, soil and compost management, moist/warm/wet=fungus attacks, specialize in perennials and refuse-not-to-grow plants, save seed, eat a variety of foods, incorporate wild edibles into meals, drying (love seasoned dried tomatoes); Husbandry; George Washington Carver Bulletins; Ezekiel 16 lists basic materials for child delivery (reproduction and man/woman relationships are dealt with throughout the scriptures. There are names given for everything all spread out and in context. The scriptures will take you through all creation without you having to hunt for ideas--our Language Arts and Ancient History programs take us everywhere.); Discovery of DNA (short book, chapter a day); Solar cooking; Michael Faraday; Harriet Tubman; Down At the Farmstead (poem); How to Fix a Black Child's Hair; Dwarf Nigerian goats for 1 quart milk (pygmies may give more); eggloo or homemade coop; West Highland White Terrier (A Scottish dog King James referred to as "earthe dogge"); Microwaved food causes dangerous physiological changes to the blood Medicine--most common worldwide plagues (noted and studied when reading books on Holocaust, war, etc.--NOT all diseases at once); choler cholera; dysentery diarrhea (Acts 28:8--bloody flux); twitching tetanus; tuberculosis (Lev. 26:16--consumption, burning ague, Deu. 28:22--fever, inflammation, extreme burning. David Brainerd, missionary to the red man, had it. Encycl.--Tuberculosis kills more yearly than any other infectious disease--study of it opens up understanding the pathology of EVERY other infectious disease); "tyPHOID... aVOID street vendors" & "tyPHUS...lice's feces"; AIDS; Bubonic Plague/ Black Death/ Buboes/Lymph notes; Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder); Near point stress; Repetitive stress injury; Rebuild Your Vision; dry socket. Wild edibles--worldwide food at your feet Linda Runyon; Medical difficulties in cramped conditions--Holocaust; Geriatrics (one day I will be old--home care); Clearing out excesses; Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth--not sure of its effectiveness; Rebuilding Your Vision--the weak eye can be exercised like any muscle and strengthened--Naval and other pilots have routinely utilized vision training. Can reverse affects of presbyopia that occurs with age (often beginning at 40) and astigmatism; wild horses versus domesticated--smaller size requires less food, tough living makes a tough, strong horse, etc. can compare modern man to primitive man. Primitive man robust, in some cases smaller, fast, learn, quick on his feet, vs. soft effeminancy. Quick breads made only with whole wheat flour; flour from grass. When the lights go out: living off the grid. Identifying protein sources (e.g., insects); marish; pond in a tub (hornwort (oxygenate. surface area to depth also important for oxygenation), pickerel for shade, gold fish eat mosquitoes, algae (gold fish nibble slime algae on sides of bucket), blanket weed threatens to take over, lily pads, frogs, removal of debris/pond management/water replacement); nosebleeds Whooping Cough (ideas for treatment); website -- An Urban Homestead (A family growing 8,000 pounds of food on 1/10 of an acre--a 66'x66' plot); Ether (Mephibosheth responds to Young Man); Ether II; Modern Vandalism--Terminator Seed Lecture and Boardwork; Chemical Agriculture (chemical fertilzers that worms won't eat--but we eat the plants grown by them. Taking the dung that should be fertilizing the ground and feeding it to animals. Chemicals to prevent soil erosion), Chemical Aquaculture (chemical covering to stop evaporation behind dams, flushing waste into drinking water); mix animal traits into man "to guide evolution". The Geocentricity Papers (includes information on astronomy, planetary circuits, cause of the seasons, etc.)   False Science
  • Year 6: Communicable Diseases; Sinus Treatment Protocols; Seeds of Deception; Genetic Roulette; Shopping Guide to non-GMO (better yet, grow your own--buy heirloom and organic seed from the store); till the ground; manage waste for rich garden beds; control pests; large persimmon harvest prompts return to fermentation studies--persimmon wine to vinegar with mother, sourdough starter (one batch with wild yeast, one with store yeast), sourdough starter lump, emergency food preparation; sunoven.com; Explorations of the Five (see this section below); we can't find raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk, but we now purchase non-homogenized milk and there's butter in our milk! We scoop it out or strain it out, wash it under cool water and store it in the refrigerator, though I understand you can store it on the countertop too in a butter bell--I'll be looking into this. Husbandry Articles by George Washington Carver SCARCE Bulletins from the Tuskegee Institute Experiment Station; top down firemaking method archery revisited--Israel taught use of the bow in remembrance of Jonathan--took an Introduction to Archery class; www.gutenberg.org/etext/8084--Hunting with the Bow and Arrow (by Saxton Pope. An interesting account of the last Yana Indian, a quiet soul and skilled hunter); salt pork; hearth cooking; green drink revisted--dark greens/fruit/water in the blender (add wild edibles for more strength); refined salt stripped of minerals/chlorine/too much sodium; made butter with glass church from Lehmann's and cream. impromptu acorn chili; Online Weed Walk ||| Our bodies and how we live: An elementary text-book of physiology (unrevised); Echo Notes revisited ||| Student Briefs about Nature; Magnesium rod fire; Charcoal; Cracknel: An Ancient Soldier's Food

    What if a science program were centered around the basic needs of man--food, clothing, shelter, water, fire? Might it allow parents and children to systematically find their way back to original thought, improvisation, discovery, innovation, and independence in all the basic areas of life? Can a Christian man escape the feeding frenzy over tampering with the genetic structure of every living thing? There is a dismantling--and you can see it everywhere. Even the textbooks are filled with definitions and disjointed stories and concepts. God made whole things--go back to Genesis 1:1 - 2:7, outline everything God made and WHEN he made it (even the order is important) and systematically do studies for each area starting from day one.


  • Infant School We sang songs out of the hymn book; When putting Hannah in lessons, I wanted someone holy to play for me. She began Suzuki Piano lessons at 37 months; the teacher insisted that we purchase an acoustic--not an electric--piano (and I'm glad she did. Hannah still prefers the acoustic); I reluctantly took one year of Suzuki lessons, at the teacher's insistence, which proved helpful into the future. We left Suzuki because there was no note reading--which was actually an advantage--but the teacher refused to teach me notes and I had a need to hear God's music; Perfect Pitch identified.
  • Summary for Years 1-6: In Year 1, our goals for music confirmed in an unlikely manner. The mathematics textbook used money in many examples which caused me to do a teaching on the love money and the temptation of playing the piano for the world. Maybe a month or two later Hannah's piano teacher excused her from the room and told me, "You are going to be rich!" Various teachers have had plans for Hannah, not to be realized. She will be entangled in no traps and snares. She had a total of about 1.5 years of sporadic outside lessons--this time was helpful for our Music program because I learned the basics and how to teach her even though I cannot play the piano (ref. II Cor 8:12). I can set the direction for our Music Program, read music (albeit not quickly), remind, correct, review, provide workbooks/lessons/tuning/oversight/etc. and set a climate for learning. Bastien Piano was the baseline method book (skipping what we wanted and not spending much practice time on the rest). She would play a Christian song first and then from the Bastien Method book. Madonna Woods for learning church music and supplements (note on Madonna Woods: a number of misspellings and wrong images in materials, also, some children's songs not Christian).
  • Bastien Method Books 1-4 (with its Christian supplements as well as other hymnbook.) At each practice session Christian music played first. I found and examined at Christian piano method books but could not follow them Bastien curricula provided EASY-TO-FOLLOW baseline instruction. One teacher wanted to speed Hannah through these, but we soon after stopped lessons and slowed down the pace. She completed Bastien method books in Year 5;
  • Madonna Woods Piano Course for Christians (Levels 1-5) offers many rich and new songs and hymns (note on Madonna Woods: a number of misspellings and wrong images in materials, also, some children's songs not Christian); piano practice becomes a time of ministry to my soul I do not believe that I could not have taught Hannah just simply using this casette tape course. It was not the same track that we took. She learned the piano in an intuitive manner, not by notes or tricks like the acronym EGBDF which I did not even permit her to see and am almost loathe to even put it here; Suzuki started us out constantly listening to simple five finger songs on a tape (C scale, white keys C-A), like the ABC song. I found myself waking up one night and feeling that I could play one of the songs. I went downstairs and I could.; Madonna Woods Supplements; used Hanon & Musical Fingers, etc. briefly but provided important understandings; Piano for Quitters by Mark Almond (critical video opened up keyboard and importantance of improvisation); Mr. Duane chord piano, Mr. Droulette one important lesson. Imperceptibly, Hannah has become a ministrel although not yet perfected.
  • Teachings: We fixed the creation of sound on day 2--air/firmament. Through meditation we arrived at music consisting of Sound & Rhythm, Rhythm Dance, Speak-Singing, Prophesying in Song, Breathing, Travelling Hands
  • Ancient Music: What did David hear? What did Solomon hear? What does God want to hear? Elisha called for a mintrel in order to prophescy. Music in Pslams notations.
  • Our compositions: My Son if Sinners Entice Thee Consent Thou Not; O Clap Your Hands; The First Day; The Second Day; The Third Day; The First Ten Patriarchs; The Twelve Apostles; The Twelve Tribes of Israel; My Way is Long; Thou Shalt Surely Die; Thou Shalt Surely Live; Revelation; Vain is the Help of Man (War Song); The Lord He Knoweth.
  • Year 5: Completed all four Bastien method books; Book 3 Woods; Piano Practicum 2009 (we created a cassette and songbook at the end of the school year); return to Piano for Quitters; onward to Piano for Life; purchased viol (violin) off craigslist--before purchase watched a few short you-tube videos to orient to playing the viol.
  • Year 6: Sight reading hymns from easy Bastien Religious Favorites, play the same hymn from a church hymnal to understand sound and structure, Piano for Life for advanced techniques; Madonna Woods Method Books to review (note on Madonna Woods: a number of misspellings and wrong images in materials, also, some children's songs not Christian), strengthen, and enhance her skills; purchased viol (violin) because it is in the scriptures. In October able to play songs by ear on the violin as a result of experimenting with the instrument; ordered Jaffe strings for violin DVD course from A Beka; improvisation learned from Mark Almond continues to mature--often begins practice with improvisation after playing a Christian song (had to change that around some because of a rush to improvisation--cut it out for a while. Need more careful placement.). created first midi, "Come Holy Spirit" -- Hardware: electric piano with midi ports, laptop. Connecting hardware from electric piano to laptop: USB Midi Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard from Amazon, $4.75. Software: Anvil Studio (free download from download.cnet.com--not all their downloads can be trusted.); Canon in D; Woods Level 5.

  • Year 1: Drawing is writing (Isaiah 10:19)
  • Year 2: drew skeletal system repeatedly (Year 2 Science focused on man's anatomy); three-dimensional boxes in Mathematics (very, very helpful to learn about depth)
  • Year 3: Drawing with Children by Brookes gave us the five basic shapes used in drawing:
    .         o         (         <         |

    It also taught us a lot about drawing. I saw a big jump in Hannah's drawing as a result of this book--we covered select pages.); used tracing paper to develop artwork for projects, productions, and school work.
  • Year 4: Tracer machine that projects pictures on to the wall where they can be traced.
  • Year 5: Orientation five 3-D type shapes: cone, sphere, box, spiral; Art Through Ezekiel--read passage and sketch its main idea in a line drawing. I began putting the sketches on the board and Hannah would copy them on plain printer paper for her notebook. Many times she was the better artist. I asked for her to come up with the ideas for the sketch. After I saw her work, I let her come up with the ideas and they actually help me to see things in a different way. I rarely override her ideas. We have learned many lessons in this study. When we got to the temple, I began to feel restless when I came to something that I could not figure out and said, "I don't know what it is," and was ready to keep going. Hannah told me not to give up. She forced me to slow down so that we could dig down, and I am glad that we did. We often had to take just a verse or two or three at a time when we got to the temple. We did the portion that we could understand.
  • Year 6: Art Through Ezekiel continued (we started in chapter 45) and completed; Revelation 21, the new Jerusalem; Draw, Write, Now by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer. Phenomenal 8 volume box set from Amazon. I would have used it in some measure in Infant School if I had had it. See sample from the book and buy link at donnayoung.org/art/draw-w-children-l2.htm (cursor down page and look to the right). Beautifully done. I am no artist and was drawing three dimensional scenes from the first drawing lesson. I perceive that I am growing artistically by leaps and bounds after only a few lessons.

  • Year 6. An interpretation of Ez. 46:9. We are going through Ezekiel verse-by-verse. Our studies have led us to explore diverse areas such as architecture (arches and pillars/columns)--Ez 40; palm trees (we learned that the palm is a very useful and important plant used commercially)--Ez 40, 41; the markets and fairs of Tyrus--Ez 27; stones--Ez 28:13; childbirth supplies--Ez 16:4.

  • Infant School--Alphabet, CD with phrases
  • Year 1 - Babel--the reason we have to learn a foreign language; phrases, some basic grammar work, frustration--sent back A Beka course early
  • Year 2 - Hannah tried to read to her father out of the Spanish Bible. I felt bad because I couldn't teach her. In the car one day, I asked, "Do you really want to speak Spanish?" "Yes, but will I ever learn?" I felt so bad. Next thing you know I hear, "Go get some index cards" and that was it. I knew that Spanish was ours even though I had no idea what I was going to do with the index cards. Went and got a pack from the grocery store for fifty cents. I made flash cards -- Bible, God, Jesus, statements about them, then used the Genesis 1:1-2:7 outline to teach words common to all men--verbs of existence like "ser", words of Genesis 1:1-2:7 that explain all things--like heaven, earth, sea, plant, beast/animal, man. Then expanded from there. That was November; The next month, December, we had a one month Spanish intensive where we made huge gains--we did easy review mathematics that month to make room to get the basics of Spanish down; the next month, native speaker, "She speaks better Spanish that my child!" She was not fluent, but her pronunciation and diction were good. Next summer came La Vida Rosa I: Yendo a la Escuela, a homemade Spanish book.
  • Year 3: Made a dramatized cassette tape of La Vida de Rosa with accompanying coloring sheets. Hannah was Rosa, I was the Narrator, Mother, Father, Pablo (the older brother), and her new teacher. We had songs, dialogue, and background effects, many homemade. We have enjoyed this tape through the years as a special treat. We could not read the Spanish Bible because of the many errors. This definitely slowed our progression. Otherwise, we could have used it as we used the scriptures to learn English--that is what I wanted to do but found that I could not. I was reading the Spanish scriptures in my spare time, just for reading, but found too many grievous errors. The Reina Valera of 1909 and the Cipriano of 1865 are not Authorized King James Bibles. I possess the most "conservative" Spanish translations including, but not limited to the Reina Valera 1909, the Cipriano 1865, and a newer one that was supposed to correct errors. I could not use them. I have also examined the Gomez, a newer Spanish Bible that was supposed to correct the Reina Valera, but I could not use it ("creeping thing" in Genesis 1 is still translated, "reptile" in the Gomez. For more on this issue, see this article entitled, "Mistaken Identity".) I am convinced that the Authorized Version should be translated into each language on earth. I have heard mention of the world's people learning to read the Authorized Version.. A white paper entitled, "A Brief Look At The History of the Spanish Bible" by Robert Breaker III may still be available on the internet.
  • Year 4: Translation Work
  • Year 5: First grade Spanish reader & worksheets; repasos; Rosa II: La Biblioteca; Lagrimas; Translation Work. It grieved me that missionaries through the years have complianed about the errors in the Spanish Bible and never translated it. If 66 (or more) Spanish-speaking Christians each took a book, a translation of the AV could be done fairly quickly, but I do not know 66 persons. Leemos, "Pasaje a la Libertad" en la tienda (tent); developed the entertaining "Benito y Carlos" to advance; commands; preterito, futuro--aquí un poco, allí un poco.
  • Year 6: Lecturas y hojas de trabajo; Spanish in 10 minutes a day; Genesis translation (Mother); Matthew translation (Hannah); Ecclesiastes 3; placticamos en espanol; choice verbs on large 8x11" cards and on daily early morning walks (much fun!), etc.; repasos; 1-20 (cho-co-late song); libros espanoles para los ninos; lo/la (direct), le (indirect); Conrad Schmidt books; Neighbors in Latin America (doctor it up as it does not magnify the history of Roman Catholicism in Latin America and so covers it up. If you are not actively repudiating the whore, you are aiding and abetting).
  • Models
  • La
    La Biblia
    La Biblia es
    La Biblia es la
    La Biblia es la palabra
    La Biblia es la palabra de
    La Biblia es la palabra de Dios.

    Could a short series of declarative statements about the Bible, God, and Jesus written on index cards have vast implications for Spanish and Deaf Studies? For us, the answer is, "Yes." Can the outline of creation in Genesis 1:1-2:7 provide the most basic, foundational vocabulary words that every society uses? Of course. Could the Authorized Version and two packs of index cards really form the solid foundation of a foreign language acquisition program? And could this foundation be laid in a month's time? A thousand times, "Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    What if I have an older child and want to do this?

    Start from Infant School and work your way up. This is a progressive, incremental revelation. Your child can already read but he doesn't possess Genesis 1:1-2:7; he does not possess the understanding of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, etc. Start from Infant School and work your way up. Pray first for anointing on your efforts. If you watch tv and live like the world, do not expect life from this--it may be the savour of death to you and your child. All conditions being met, this will open up a whole new world to you and your child. When Hannah was five, she proclaimed in the midst of the school day, "It's a feast down here!"

    This page includes information for Infant School up to Year 6. In Year 7, we continue our incremental progression in academics and skills building. We are using the GED and other diagnostics to fill in any learning gaps. For information on topics we are considering in Year 7, check out the Deception Series.

    "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." Isaiah 28:10

  • Divine instructional methods: Go from the natural to the spiritual, always seek the plain meaning of the scriptures first without spiritualizing. "...that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual..." (I Corinthians 15:46)
  • Ask to be an anointed teacher
  • Examine the teaching methods of the Master Teacher, our Lord Jesus Christ. He would use precept, example, he was an example, he would teach in different places--mountain, on the water, in the synagogue, etc.
  • Fasting and Prayer
  • The end of all true study is worship.
  • Magnify your office as a Master and your child's as a Scholar. I did this from the beginning--as in kindergarten. When Hannah was eight, she was filling out a form in the dentist's office and it asked for occupation, she wrote, "Scholar".
  • Membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (hslda.org) may be of assistance--but do not put your trust in the organization. Keep your options open as to whom you will appeal for counsel.
  • Make your school a school--not bringing the public school system in your home, but having the basic elements that a school has. Teacher, student, textbook (AV 1611), choice library, chalkboard, chalk, pencil, paper, classroom. Decorate for utility and beauty.
  • We display--the Ten Commandments, important projects, items of interest, things to remind, etc.
  • All things are yours, and ye are Christ's and Christ is God's (ref. I Cor. 3:21-23). That means that every domain is yours--know your things. Look about and study in light of God's word.
  • Teach the scriptures systematically and one will encounter all.
  • Read and believe God's creative work in Genesis 1:1-27. Don't forget it.
  • Teacher as a textbook to be read of his scholars.
  • Utilize the "notebook method" where the child creates his own work versus continuously filling in worksheet blanks.
  • Answer questions. After prayer, we start our school day off with Language Arts. As Hannah reads the scriptures, if she has a question, she will ask. This allows her to learn the scriptures as part of her schooling.
  • Have a yearly school kickoff to magnify and set the tone for the upcoming year. Stay at home and have a special theme picnic (replete with a sign made by student(s)), go to a local farm and pack a lunch, or venture further away.
  • Have a yearly end-of-the-year banquet at home displaying projects and work completed with quizzes on information learned or venture out for an end-of-the-year trip that will supplement a major study explored that year. Have an itinerary and specific goals.
  • If homeschooling more than one student, look back at the one-room schoolhouse and investigate. Older children can help and teach younger children as part of the school day thereby confirming information that they have already learned and by giving the student teaching experience. Hannah has helped very much in the preparation of materials for the website--typing, scanning, analyzing, discussing various subjects, editing, etc.
  • I have found many important, easy-to-understand books in the children's section of the used books sections of libraries.
  • October 31 marks the day that Martin Luther nailed his theses on the church doors in Wittenberg. We talk about and watch a video about the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther, John Wycliffe ("morning star" of the Reformation) every October 31.
  • Make your own texts and workbooks, when you see a need. Do your research and make them exciting and relevant. Illustrate them. Colored paper may add interest. Here is a simple, secure bookbinding method that we've enjoyed using.
  • Use tracing paper creatively for illustrating your texts, etc.--you can trace photographs, etc. if you are not an artist. You can combine the elements of different pictures to make a new picture.
  • Teach the globe and its elements--continents, islands, seas.
  • Make a collage of the living things of the earth--plants, animals, mankind.
  • Utilize Genesis 1:1-2:7 to organize creation. Write down and teach the MOST BASIC truths of each day. The filing cabinet will then be organized and prepared for all things.
  • Introduce to the peoples of the world through narrative and testimony. We used a second grade Rod & Staff social studies workbook (Warning: Rod and Staff books get WORSE as the grade levels increase. Their "God Chooses a Family" Book 5, page 125, Copyright 1997, Code 97-3-02, Catalogue 17521 shows Israel NOT crossing the Red Sea! Blasphemy.) and Voice of the Martyr (VOM) testimonies, VOM LINK, and the VOM Bold Believers series to great advantage (warning: they uplift Catholics as Christian martyrs, I skipped those testimonies and stopped subscribing to their newsletter).
  • Booker T. Washington (master teacher) autobiography--Up From Slavery
  • Teaching new concepts: (1) a simple, well-prepared, well thought out, in context, introduction is vital.
  • Repetition over time via use (conversation, workbooks)--not memorization.
  • There are ebbs and flows to good teaching. Present a new precept in its simplest form with some sort of model. Let the mind acquiese to it. Its time for the tide to ebb. Do exercises, review other information. At the right time, a new precept will appear.
  • Develop mathematics scope and sequence early (Daniel & Father series above shows our path). Hannah completed her first algebra problems at four as I was simply watching an Algebra teaching to see if the DVDs were in good condition or not. [Aside: she may watch those DVDs later, but she is being taught Algebra in a more intuitive form first and then, if we deem it good, she can learn more of the niceties.] She was interested in Calculus by the end of year two at six years old. When you communicate the future to the scholar, they look forward to it and random, in context discussions gave give them, "the big ideas" of the subject. But this must be CAREFULLY laid by the teacher. Otherwise you just have a jumble of unrelated, confusing, Greek-way "facts". If every step makes sense, there is no limit to what the scholar can learn.
  • Be flexible, e.g., if you are in Kings reading about Hezekiah, at the appropriate point go over to Isaiah and get additional insight--even if you have to spend a week there and then come back to kings.
  • Strike while the iron is hot--whether in class or out. If you are reading about Ruth and are moved by the workmen's lunch, why not have "Lunch with Ruth" and prepare the same meal. Here are a few more examples. As we went through Ezekiel (we did art through Ezekiel in Year 5), we came across information on architecture, markets, child birth, etc. We took time to stop, make models, re-enact what the fair may have been like with quick makeshift stands. When we arrived at Leviticus 11 in Year 2, we stopped to explore the anatomy of the clean animals since we had already studied man's anatomy that year. If an interesting item comes up, you can explore it. If your study ever seems to drag, DO NOT LET THAT GO ON--FRESHEN IT UP. This rarely happens for us, we keep a good pace in our school (not too many
  • Stop on a high note. Something may be fun, but don't keep doing it until it becomes loathsome. Hannah loved it that first week when I would spin the globe and tell her to find a place. I'd end and she'd squeel, "More, more!" Maybe one more, maybe not. She'd be raring to do it again.
  • Include practical, meaningful, interest material in mathematics. Put windows on your mathematics classroom. The History of Mathematics by John (?) Tiner gives wonderful scope.
  • Let the student quiz you or teach back to you after they've learned the material. I may be at the board with a pointer going through verbs. When I'm done I occasionally take a seat and she repeats what I did.
  • Have school on school days. I've heard of people being six weeks behind. This is not our testimony. We get up and we do school and we progress. She gets through her studies. We start Acts, we finish Acts. We start piano books and we finish them. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.
  • Controlled interaction. We have a lot of interaction. I teach and lecture and at strategic times--she always liked the lecture format. We read responsively, I ask questions, I call Hannah to the board, I have her look up something in the dictionary, etc. When we studied Ezekiel, she not only sketch various items, but we made a wheel within a wheel to try to further our understanding--in the midst of class. We don't have homework. We do school in school. Anything that didn't get completed in homework.
  • Scholar write a short book report after reading a book--whether inside or outside of the classroom.
  • Art: Year 2 we spent a lot of time in mathematics drawing three-dimensional cubes and series of cubes making rectangles. This was an important milestone for us. In Year 3, we purchased tracing paper which allowed our hands to get the feel of how things are drawn. We also purchased, "The Tracer" which projects images onto a wall where they can be traced onto your paper that you tape on the wall. We design our own books and artwork. In Year 4, we drew a series of easy pictures from a children's drawing book. Drawing with Children gave us the five basic one-dimensional points. In Year 5, another gave us the five basic shapes. We put these elements to practice as we learned Art through Ezekiel in Year 5 and Year 6.
  • We work inside and outside. School does not override the need for a clean house, or food simmering in the oven. We have inside work and outside work.
  • Maintain lassroom etiquette. I've heard of a problem with homeschoolers blurting out in college classrooms because they were not aware of the normal classroom dynamics.
  • Biblical scholarship, by its nature, engenders a spiritually and mentally satisfying academic kindergarten, not a play kindergarten. Hannah looked around our school one day (I think she was 5) and exclaimed, "It's a FEAST down here!"
  • Jan Amos Comenius, 17th century educator extraordinaire--The Great Didactic.
  • School year kickoff: Year 1--Petting Farm, Year 2--Beach, Year 3--Caverns; Year 4--Frontier Museum; Year 5--kickoff event to Amish country cancelled (I'm no hostage to bad behavior).
  • End-of-the-year event: Year 1--Banquet, Year 2--Banquet, Year 3--Williamsburg & Yorktown Year 4--Independence Tour to Philadelphia (after a yearlong study of U.S. History).
  • Choice read alouds
  • Keep classroom ettiquette and discipline
  • Dictionary: Webster's 1828 (I don't agree with all of Webster's statements and actions, but this dictionary is good--it gives old definitions that often go beyond defining to giving key insights on a particular matter)
  • Notebook Method--student creates his own work, not simply fills in a blank. Lecture and copying start from Year 1 ("kindergarten")
  • Have a schedule (it's adjustable at any point).
  • Develop a school year calendar with important dates (reporting) and scheduled events.
  • Develop yearly goals and objectives.
  • Effective use of Models. Along the way, I have introduced select models at strategic points for texture, and to help conceptualize new subjects or things theretofore unknown.
  • Move through each class, keep up pace and excitement.
  • Date work, including books like piano book. Date on page and student placing sticker gives feeling of accomplishment. Certificate at completion of piano, mathematics books or a filling out of the back inside cover as if it were a certificate to include the date. Accomplishment acknowledged and a record of when you did what.
  • Genesis 1:1-2:7 inculcates a wideness of view. Traverse the earth that God has given you from Year 1. Seek to introduce mountains, valleys, deserts, plains, beaches. NEVER THROUGH MEMORIZATION. Hannah and I climbed the easy side of a nearby mountain when she was five or six. She's went to the beach for one of her school year kickoffs--our Bible study for that day came from Exodus 14.
  • Short Acts/Plays--Hannah enjoys my one woman acts and our homemade act-outs. Through them she learned the history of America, the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, and the events from the Hampton Conference and the translation of the King James Bible.
  • Fieldtrips after teaching a subject--confirms information, adds new information. Important to go after an introduction to the material so that the mind is not prejudiced with displays seen. Introductions can be as simple as what you know about subject. I find that this is far better than stuffing my child's head with a fat book of jumbled up facts. Meaningful fieldtrips spread out. For example these were our followup fieldtrips to our Civil War studies--
    July 2007 -- Civil War Re-enactment
    Sept 2007 -- Lincoln Memorial
    March 2008 -- Gettysburg
    Summer 2008 -- Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • Books outside of the Bible are used as reference material for names, dates etc. I have an old encyclopedia set my father gave me and used children's books (they present information simply) purchased from the used book section of the library--OLDER books when they were designed to teach with higher language. I use any level of book with Hannah, and always have, long as it meets the subject at hand.
  • Teaching placemats (planets--earth is not a planet, money, states, etc.) at the table. Many things introduced, and learned, outside of a classroom with Genesis 1:1-2:7 leading the way.
  • Extreme simplification of material
  • Act out events to get a flow for what happened.
  • Magnify circumstances, background, foods, etc. in accounts.
  • What do you want your scholar to know? Make it a class or incorporate it into lessons.
  • School in the context of working and being a functioning member of the household.
  • Do not accept fast, sloppy, and in a hurry work.
  • Spread out complex or new material. With Genesis 1:1-2:7 as our outline, all basic knowledge was known at the end of Year 2. Year 3 was the Year of Review--it had to be lest we would have lost the many gains achieved. Each subsequent year was careful, incremental progression.
  • Stop at certain scriptures to further explore, e.g., at Leviticus 11, we took time to study the anatomy of clean animals. We had already studied man's anatomy that year.
  • Comments from master teachers (Comenius, Sullivan-Macy, etc.)
  • Free Online Learning Resource Center
    Specially designed and compiled for the sanctified homeschool. It is my goal to record and share those foundational teachings from those first few years.


    • Man's foundation is in the dust (ref. Job 4:19, Genesis 2:7; 3:19). We need to eat the dust to sustain and renew our decaying bodies. We do not eat the dirt directly. Plants pull up the dust and put it in wonderful forms for man and beast. We eat both plant and beast in various ways to assimilate the dust from which we came. When we talk about "minerals", we are talking about the dust. We eat from the ground from whence we were taken.
    • Nutritional requirements of man. Do you know what you are made of physically and what basic foods feed each part? Reasoning from the scriptures, we came up with these parts: flesh, bone, blood (ref. Job 10:11, Heb 2:14). Main Grain ("grains feed the world" corn, wheat, rye, barley, rice or starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes.); flesh for flesh (eggs, meat, or as a substitute a grain PLUS a legume or nut, e.g., beans and rice, oatmeal and walnuts); bone for bone (calcium in eggshell and sunshine to help absorb the calcium), blood (fruits and vegetable, iron, minerals...the life of the flesh is in the blood). Water is critical for proper body function.
    • All that said, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. (Matt 4:4, Luke 4:4) We must not let food and the lust thereof distract us. Food has caused many a problem starting from the first couple. I must die today because somebody ate a piece of fruit. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Israel was ready to go back to slavery for leeks and onions. The pouch (stomach) calls to me at inconvenient seasons and has the power to harden my heart as I heed its call. I'm not big and fat, I know my plagues.
    • Don't forget Matt 9:14-15--the Lord's disciples shall fast.
    • Weed Walk (there is free, highly nutritious food outside)
    • War Garden (start learning about guerrilla gardening)
    • When foraging, I got poison ivy (or oak or sumac). I swabbed full strength urine on it and it did not itch again. I has been about 24 hours now.
    • Learn about life without a toilet bowl and toilet paper on our Emergency page.
    • In the kitchen
    There is free food outside.
    Learn about wild edibles on the

    Weed Walk
    click here to enter.

  • Fermentation I: Sourdough starter. Flour and water in non-metal container mixed with wooden spoon. Feed it equal parts flour and water each day. The yeast fell in from the air within a few days, it foamed up and my new pet colony was established. Made sourdough dishes for a few Sundays in a row, was remiss and let it go. Started back up, and then let my starter go away again When starter was kept in the refrigerator, I didn't have to feed it daily like with room temperature, just weekly or so. I read about a mountain man who travelled with his as a lump of dough. Also saw on breadtopia how to dry out your starter so that it will keep indefinitely. Just spread it on wax paper until it dries out and then store it.
  • Fermentation II: Wine. Standing in the dinette I heard, "oil and wine". I had to know why the Samaritan poured oil and wine in the man's wounds. We studied the scriptures concerning the uses and misuses of wine. In our journeys we found that alcohol is the second most common liquid (or is that substance?) used in medicine next to water. Alcohol is sedative, antiseptic, preservative, etc. We also learned that alcohol can be made from just about any plant and different mainstream liquors come from things like potatoes, corn, and juniper berries. We looked at distillation and fuels from plant alcohol. We looked at pictures of the yeastie beasties (yeast). We made wine from grapes, sugar, water, and the yeast that fell in from the air. My first batches came out excellent but I couldn't get a batch to turn into vinegar. At one point, I learned a lesson when I didn't put new wine in new bottles and one spilled the wine. These experiments lasted for about a month or so. Soon, I couldn't seem to make a batch. Practically every experiment spoiled. I guess I had learned what I needed to know... It was later on that I discovered the reason for the oil in the wounds as I read Isaiah 1:6. Dandelions can be made into wine. It is just a matter or fermenting the plant matter. Fermented honey is called meade. Fermented flour can smell somewhat beery. We discovered that fermentation is a big deal. We continue to learn how important it is for our health and disease prevention (see Nourishing Traditions below and the notes on ketchup). It's as easy to get as leaving your soaking corn out on the counter for a day or two.
  • God made whole things. Much of what we have in every area is cut up. In terms of food--can we actually buy and cook foods that are whole and not processed? Will we? A whole chicken, vegetables, etc. A little boy of five years was here and I let him dig up a potato. He learned that french fries come from potatoes. His mother didn't make it from the whole, she only purchased them I guess at fastfood restaurants and perhaps a bag of frozen fries. I let him plant a piece of potato with an eye on it. He told his mother he was going to plant a potato at home. We came across an earthworm. I told him how good it is for the soil. I told him to hold it. He was scared--I see it over and over again. Strong healthy boys made effeminate. "It won't bite." "But is it moving?" Children are not naturally afraid like that--but when you sit them in front of the tv in a room and keep them away from the ground that they came out of they are completely ignorant and afraid. Our foundation is in the dust (Job 4:19). Adam was made from the dust of the ground. The first man Adam is of the earth, earthy. But we don't normally eat the earth unprocessed. God has plants that bring up the nutrients that we need out of the soil. They process the iron, iodine, etc. into forms that we, and the beasts, can easily digest. When the beasts defecate those minerals out as dung, the husbandman returns them to the soil, and then the plants repeat the process. If you do not do this, the soil gets depleted of nutrients in short order. In "agriculture" on the other hand, there is no dung. The soil is fed a concoction of synthetic fertilizers producing inferior, dangerous food that is foreign to our bodies. The corn agriculturalist has no dung anyway. He is involved in a monoculture system without a head of cattle to be found. What about those that have cattle pens? Where is the dung? It's carried off. [Where I go to get mine, they have it taken to the landfill every so often. I've read of dung being processed with sawdust and minimal grain into pellets and then fed back to the animals. Anything to save a dollar. And then we eat the meat of those animals--cattle that have perhaps never seen a blade of grass, much less ate any.] No wonderful worms and microorganism can live or thrive under modern agricultural methods. After a few years of abuse, the land is unfit. I read that the food is unfit too, and that is no wonder. I am interested in husbandry not agriculture and go get my dung from a local farm. I learned at a frontier museum that those folks would dump their chamber pots on the compost pile. If you are in a position where you need to feed the ground--and resources are limited--do what you have to do.
  • Food & Recipes of the Smokies by Rose Houk--an AMAZING book that chronicles the ways of mountain people. Much more than a cookbook, it is an history. My grandparents on both sides were from the country and in the country with country ways. This book chronciles country and mountain ways in a most fascinating way followed up by down-home recipes that you can adapt to your particular taste (e.g., I don't care for mustard in my dishes) using the basic ingredients that our forefathers used. When my grandmother kept saying "polk sallet" I thought it was a country way of saying polk salad. But this book showed me it really is polk sallet! Incidentally polk weed (from which polk salad is a plentiful wild edible--berries are not edible. Do research before eating any wild edible--go on a weed walk (may be uploading some pictures soon) and get photographic identification to ensure you know what you are eating or you may end up dead.).
  • Uses of salt.
  • www.gutenberg.org/etext/8084 Hunting with the Bow and Arrow (by Saxton Pope. Interesting account of the last Yana Indian, a quiet soul and skilled hunter.)
  • Preparing an Emergency Food Supply (includes a discussion of my journey to simple living.)
  • Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon (A MUST HAVE--MUCH LARGER THAN A COOKBOOK. There is critical information here--foods preparaing bride and groom for conception, ancient fermentation of foods (no refrigerator, high nutrition)--not complex, easy.
  • When looking up how to make ketchup (want to make persimmon ketchup and see how it keeps) came across this information on the internet. Lacto-fermentation caught my eye because of my readings in Nourishing Traditions (see above bullet):
    "In the United States, we pass the ketchup to the tune of over half a billion bottles every year. The modern word ketchup comes from a Chinese word ke-tsiap a naturally pickled fish-brine, the universal condiment of the ancient world. The English added foods like mushrooms, walnuts, cucumbers and oysters to this, and it was still a naturally fermented brew.

    "Since most ancient times, lactic acid has been used to keep the intestines functioning efficiently, and different types of lacto-fermented juices were often the only remedy against infectious diseases. In her Nourishing Traditions cookbook, author Sally Fallon credits Annelies Schneck for recent research which has confirmed that the beneficial action of lactic acid bacteria creates an environment where pathogens cannot multiply. The bacteriological flora of the gut varies from one part to the next, but the lactic-acid-producing type survives from the stomach all the way through to the colon; they prevent the growth of coliform bacteria and cholera from establishing themselves. Even certain carcinogenic substances are inhibited and inactivated In effect, the state of our intestinal flora contributes not only to the absorption of nutrients but also to our ability to resist infections.

    "Tomatoes from Mexico were added to make the bottled tomato sauce we know as ketchup or catsup today the chief ingredient of this modern version, after tomatoes, is high fructose corn syrup (hfcs). Ketchup is one of the best examples I know of a condiment that used to be a naturally fermented and health-giving sauce whose benefits were lost with large scale canning methods and a reliance on sugar as a preservative instead of lactic acid.

    "Ketchup is one of the easiest of all naturally fermented foods to make and keep in your own kitchen. I made my first batch ever a few weeks ago, and it truly takes common ketchup as previously known to a whole new level.

    "Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions has the perfect recipe on page 104..."

    As for my ketchup, I'm going to start out trying my own concoctions that will be an amalgamation of the recipes that I find that I think might store at room temperature. We'll see. When there is success, I'll try to add to the recipes page.

  • Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. This is a phenomenal bread making method. This bread requires no kneading and it is simply delicous. The recipe is at the above link (motherearth), but the book has a master recipe and others included. www.breadtopia.com Breadtopia.com (LOADS of useful information on baking homemade bread--including a no knead bread that can be made with sourdough starter instead of instant yeast. It was only a little more involved than the artisan bread above. I made it with 100% whole wheat and it still came out good. I want to investigate this more because it can free me from having to buy instant yeast as long as I have starter whether fresh (no refrigeration needed) or dried and ready to be reconsituted. I'd like to start more sourdough starter experiments. Some keep their pets alive for many decades and through generations. It is an old way of leavening. Do you have flour and water, a glass container and a towel to cover it? Then why not start your own sourdough starter and then cook with it (bread, pizza dough, pancakes, etc.)? Work is fun and rewarding. Why go to the gym or take children to soccer practice when you can work and enjoy a productive life at home? Our experiments are often imperfect but we learn, have fun and eat and use them anyway. We can all breathe in fresh air and enjoy the bees buzzing about as they pollinate our sweet potatoes, cucumbers, or whatever may be in flower on that day. Work is good and it is Biblical.)
  • Sugar addiction and the health hazards of sugar addiction.
  • Avoiding GMOs

    Ecclesiastes 5:9 Moreover the profit of the earth is for all: the king himself is served by the field.

    • Refuse Not to Grow Plants are what I seek to specialize in. As a result of small scale experiments and studies, a picture and an understanding of our personal "stay, staff, and store" is emerging. The goal: a nourishing garden wherein is found nutritional adequacy to meet man's needs. Only the "refuse not to grow plants" are in this section. Have backups on the staples like potatoes keeping in mind the Irish potato blight--about a million people died because they relied extensively on one staple the potato. Once it was smitten they had inadequate food. The lesson to me was to have backup staples. Other experiments continue. We use no pesticides or herbicides. Potatoes||| Tomatoes (George Washington Carver (GWC), Bulletin No. 36) ||| Garlic ||| Shallots ||| Sweet Potatoes (GWC, Bulletin No. 38) ||| Herbs ||| Comfrey ||| Peppers ||| Cucumbers ||| Radishes |||
    • Weed Walk (nutritious edible weeds are at our feet--many in my own yard and with worldwide distribution. We found this highly liberating knowledge. "Look down, and eat up!"); Green Drink--greens (chard/kale/wild edibles e.g. dandelion, etc. plus water, plus fruit (apple/pear/banana in the blender)
    • Wild Persimmons (thoughts of an important milestone on my journey to perception of the world around me and how to harness it to meet our needs.)
    • Wild edibles are non-GMO, non-synthetically fertilized, free, highly-nutritious food. Nebuchadnezzar ate grass like an ox for seven times. Let's Go On a Weed Walk
    • Prickly Pear
    • What Squanto taught me--feed the soil or your plants will come to nothing.
    • The power of dung.
    • Heirloom seeds...Heirloom plants are non-GMO and as I understand it are heartier than modern hybrids. Check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.
    • Tried to avoid fungus gnats when growing indoor plants with outside soil. [I was not successful--went to "what can grow outside, let it grow."]
    • I recently learned (today is 12-19-09) that recently some animal dung has caused some crops not to grow properly or it is used one year with success and the next year the ground is barren. It is appears that it is a result of the food the animal is fed e.g. hay grown with herbicides/pesticides/insecticides/synthetic fertilizers/etc. Pellets made of such contaminated materials. One woman had spread it all over the garden and her crops would not grow. She was trying to figure out what she should do. In the GMO trilogy video, we see farmlands RUINED by planting Monsanto gmo cotton. Even the plants are poisonous. In response to this information, my eyes are looking toward a self-contained system where the dung, compost, etc. come from our environment, no reaching outside.
    • CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) the bees are not making it in America, a chemical-filled polluted land. They are swarming and leaving their hives. They are disappearing and people are not sure where they are going. Their pest enemies that would usually eat the honey comb will not touch it. Herbicides/pesticides/insecticides/gmos/etc. it's too much for them. Fruit producers are in trouble because they need the bee--but look at what they are spraying on the crops as they try to feed all of America and much of the world (is that not too much?)...And why don't these new houses have a fruit tree and a nut tree in the yard instead of all ornamentals?
    • Garden Notes--Fall 2009
    • Preserving the harvest. In the old days, food preservation methods were not optional, nor were they a hobby. They were a way of life. If you wanted to eat during the winter, you stored up food. With all the denatured, synthetically fertilized, pesticide-infested, herbicide infested food on the market, many of us turning back to the land and beginning to raise our own food. I had a sign in my armoir, "Stop asking others to feed you. Feed yourself and your animals." The Bible talks about the stay, the staff, and the store. We defined them as follows: Stay is what you need to eat to stay in the land of the living. We study man's nutritional needs. Deficiencies can cause blindness, deafness, scurvy, etc. The staff is the particular foods that you personally lean on. Store is what you have stored away. As we are moving towards independence from the system, we've reached out for information for growing and preserving the harvest. I did not learn these things growing up. Fortunately I saw them in action a few times but I've had to seek out ways and means. As a result of our various explorations in the scriptures, on fieldtrips, and by other means such as select books listed on this page, we've received, and put into practice a lot of information. Not all at once, but here a little, there a little. Every experiment has not been a success, but we've grown along the way. We still have foods that we have canned, pickled, put in brine, dried, and salted from a couple of years ago. We also have cracknel (I Kings 14:3) which is an ancient soldier's food that could be carried all over. It's been called various names--cracknel (maybe that's where "cracker" came from), soldier's biscuit, hard tack, etc. We are interested in non-electrical, old-timey solutions while taking back with us current information that is useful. For instance, we understand the current advices and admonitions concerning canning, but at the same time we examine how canning was done before and grasp and test the information in our own kitchen--warning: wrong canning method can kill.
    • What I've tried and probably won't grow again--plants that require too much care for me-- Brassicas (collards, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage--cabbage worms), squash (squash vine borer), blueberries...
    • Major Pests: slugs, Japanese beetles (on grape vines and ornamentals--could be trapped alive and fed to chickens, though, turning beetles into fresh chicken eggs.) Husbandry Articles by George Washington CarverScarce Bulletins from the Tuskegee Institute Experiment Station

    ...they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. Genesis 3:7

    • Clothes are our badges of infamy. They are to cover us. They should be modest and reflect who we are as women of God (I Timothy 2:9-15). I know from personal experience that people do not associate modest apparel with what they call, "Christianity". One woman asked if I was a Muslim and I said no and before leaving me she asked if I ate pork (Muslims don't eat pork). Her mind would not believe that anyone outside of a Muslim would have on a long dress. I don't wear small earrings (I tried) because Hannah does not like to see me in them. Someone else asked me what country I came from. I speak perfect English, I'm an American, so I know that he did not ask me my nationality because I speak with an accent. I've been asked if I was amish or Pennsylvania Dutch. When is the last time you've seen a black Amish? Never. Holiness is not what people expect from a Christian. A woman and a girl in simple skirts is cause for great consternation. After one little girl passed us, she asked her mother, "Can I wear a dress?" She wanted to look like a girl. Nowadays, the girls are sporting jeans and shorts and whatever boys wear. The Bible prohibits this practice (Deu 22:5). I assume that the rogues on the tv are sporting a lot of tatoos, too. I would not know this because I've watched television--it has been over a decade since I stopped watching it--but I can tell from the way people look as to what they have been watching. I can even tell it in the hairstyles like the "shag" cut and pointed peak that a lot of young men have been wearing.
    • When Hannah was a tiny one, maybe four, I went to the store to purchase clothes for her, skirts. The clothing there for little girls looked like the attire of an harlot. I'd have to make Hannah's skirts myself--and I was never interested in sewing. I embarked on this out of sheer necessity--I was willing to pay the price, but I could find no pre-made clothes. I purchased a sewing machine and I paid a church lady $50 to give me a one-day sewing lesson. It was time and money well spent. She told me all the basics like the selvedge edge of the fabric, etc.. Went home and within a day or two, I came across "selvedge" in Exodus. "Seamstress terms are in the Bible!" I exclaimed. This was quite a revelation for me. This single event is what I count the beginning of my knowing that everything is in the scriptures in some form. Soon the sewing machine "broke down" and I could no longer use it although I got it fixed. What frustration I went through. The reason for the breakdown became apparent--I was to handsew. I made my own patterns on big pieces of paper or posterboard. One for me and one for Hannah--warm, long "fleece" (it's not real fleece), pull-on skirts with elastic in the waist. They wouldn't win the fashion contest, but I thought that Hannah looked good in those skirts and warm turtleneck sweaters. We had found our own style--and still wear those skirts, some of which were not even hemmed (you can do that with fleece). Hannah sewed her first big stitches in some discarded shoulder pads when she was three years old and her first complete outfit (shirt, elastic waist skirt) when she was seven.
    • Basic stitches. Handsewing is used in many occupations. The tentmaker sews, the doctor put in stitches, the seamstress, the shoemaker, etc.
    • Women in Pants--although unknown today, this practice in America arose out of rebellion--it was associated with voting (bloomers) as well as female sodomites who chose to wear that which pertaineth to a man (Deuteronomy 22:5). [Aside: tattoos are also condemned in the holy scriptures. We are not to print marks upon us, Lev. 19:28] Up into the 1970s in some places it was illegal in the U.S. for women to wear pants. Look at jeans, etc. today, immodesty abounds. This does not condemn the eskimo women's clothing nor that of other traditional dress but only applies to the American style. Give me a skirt down to my ankles. I read that it was a stir when dresses were worn above the ankle.
    • Head scarf (square bandana (got tired of people thinking I was a Muslim so I wear a printed bandand changed to a bandana a square about 21-24" on each side. A 32" plain colored triangle scarf was a little too long because of people mistaking who and what I am)
    • Homemade skirt pattern drawn on posterboard and scrap paper.
    • A robe or poncho can be made out of a table cloth with a verticle 12" slit in the middle for your head. You can leave it like that or sew down the sides leaving space for your arms. I discovered this after looking at ancient and modern robes from people like the Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, and Africans.
    • Ancient clothing. Old stitches and techniques e.g., small running stitches 2-3 millimeters long
    • Crocheting: www.dyakcraft.com/socks.htm How to Crochet Socks (excellent, easy-to-understand article--hit a snag and went to YouTube and then based on what I saw, I made up my own way to get the job done.
    • Basic Crochet Stitches and Techniques for Beginners (YouTube) (I just knew the chain stitch from childhood and that is pretty much all I use except for when I have to make something up like with the socks.)
    • Knitting (Hannah's department. I wanted her to learn to knit socks but I couldn't figure out how to knit based on the books I purchased. I gave her the books, told she could look at them and that if they meant anything to her she could go forward. They did mean something to her and she did go forward. She's wanted to teach me to knit, but I want to stay with crocheting. She can do both.)
    • Flax/Linen processing. Linen (made from flax) is a cool fabric, Ezezkiel 44:18
    • Wool processing. Wool is a warm fabric, Ez. 44:17-18
    • Make your own easy, simple clothing patterns (skirt, robe, triangle scarf, mittens, etc.)
    • Tacking a basic quilt. Grandma showed me how to do it. She would go to what she called, "the rag store" (Salvation Army thrift store) for her supplies. Hannah and I tacked a quilt using an old flannel sheet and some fleece pieces we had in the fabric closet.
    • Weaving. The warp and the woof--not just in weaving. The wood grain works like the warp. It is that structural support.
    • Make your own loom. Hannah wondered why we had a certain picture on the wall. We didn't need it. Took it down, took out the glass, hammered in nails and we had a good-sized loom.
    • www.ragrugcafe.com/toothbrush-rugs-complete-video-instructions-part-1-beginners -- How to make a simple, interesting rug from cloth strips


    • Tipi and a field expedient lean-to were two (2) of our first shelter projects. Combine with a survival bed to get off of the cold ground. Site selection: look for wind protection, no widow makers, beware of ticks, high ground to avoid mosquitoes (they are not strong fliers) and wetness. Recent shelter addition includes setting up an Army two-man tent. Plans to build a small scale (4x4) portable housing unit--cool in summer, relatively warm in winter. Being able to procure shelter for ourselves and our animals is an important skill.
    • I am interested in primitive carpentry because it is lasting and does not use power tools. I do what I call "rough carpentry". It may not be beautiful, but it gets the job done.
    • www.stilesdesigns.com/toolbox.html -- Build your own toolbox--free design (I built this one by David Stiles. I seems that he really cares about carpentry and people. Building this was an important milestone in my carpentry journey. I looked him up after purchasing a children's book on carpentry for Hannah. I subsequently purchased several of his easy books that I could find (select children's carpentry books to give ideas on how boxes/sheds/houses are built as well as "Woodworking Simplified: Foolproof Carpentry Projects for Beginners" (book where I got the plans for the workbench) purchased used on Amazon.com.
    • Build your own workbench (I built the one found in "Woodworking Simplified: Foolproof Carpentry Projects for Beginners" by David Stiles and put it on the shed porch. Deeply satisfying, useful, and sturdy. I'll be adding a piece to the back to further stabilize it. I like the idea of over building. Let it last to the third or fourth generation.). I do carpentry on it, grind beans and corn, use it as a potting table, set my plate on it while I'm eating, etc...
    • How to make a quick and easy patio.


    • One must be careful with water procurement because of the pollution released into our waterways. This means that if one comes across cattails and other aquatic plants they must be wary of the water they are standing in.
    • An aborigines way of water collection--they will put towels on their ancles and run through the morning grass. The dew will collect in the towels and they drink it. A few years ago, I took a towel and rubbed it on the morning dew grass and was able to get a towel full in short order--so if the water is cut off or somehow tainted, one can get fresh distilled water from the grass. A distiller once commented on how the clouds, etc. form one giant distillation system. It was beautifully put and I wish I could remember his words. The things man works to make are already in creation.
    • If the water is cut off, eat your tomatoes and cucumbers and prickly pear cactus, etc.
    • (1) Settle and clear the water for two days (2) filter the water through a folded cloth and then through charcoal/cloth/sand/pebble fliter (3) Purify/Disinfect the water e.g., boiling or chlorine.
    • The super "I have no chlorine" filter--a slow sand filter found in "Water for Life: Community Water Security" (page 42 2005 edition). Find on hesperian.org. Not all their titles are good some are written by socialists/communist-type thinkers and angry individuals unsaved and virulent--yet in some of hesperian's materials I've found chief resources in the area of field medicine that I have proven of great value. I've returned some, thrown away some, and hidden some in a corner where I forget about them until a need arises. Where There is No Doctor is written on a fifth grade level. Some of the nudity (line drawings) is uncalled for.)
    • Rain barrel; cistern for water collection;
    • make our own slow water filter--sand, gravel, fabric, bucket, and let the algae come to help clean the water.
    • The pump and the piston
    • sluices for fish, catfish pond. Catfish: stingers--pectoral and dorsal fins. Biting. Effective killing. Maybe tilapia instead.


    • make a fire using a magnesium rod, tinder (like lent from the drawer), little teen twigs, some a little bigger, some thumb size, some bigger, some firewood--a the rod can be purchased from Amazon for under $5. [UPDATE: When my child threw a bunch of little sticks in the grill and some kind of tinder, the sticks were going in all directins--and it worked! We later learned how to use lest kindling...]
    • The healing properties of activated charcoal (just ground up charcoal--not the fake bbq kind of charcoal).
    • Making charcoal, "Burn wood fast it will turn to ash, slow it down charcoal found."
    • We do not have power over fire. We cannot make one without matches. We are still conducting experiments and using fire. Here are some important milestones in our journey to have power over fire and to use fire. [Update: we made fire on 5-20-10 based on the "Fire Without Matches" article above (the article had to do with using a magnesium rod to make a fire).]
    • Made an earthen oven with some red clay dirt that was dumped in our yard. We mixed it with sand and water.
    • Fire pit. We dug a hole, cleared away nearby grass, made a fire in it, put a grate on it and roasted a duck on it.
    • Cooked rice on the grill in a pot.
    • Friday Night fires in an old barbeque grill set up on cinderblocks for warmth and cooking experiments. Beans in a tin can.
    • Barbequed ribs--season (salty seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash's) pork ribs (babyback or spare) while coals get hot. On hot coals, sear well on both sides, move to slightly cooler part of grill, close lid, let cook 20 minutes. Cut back from bone to see if done.
    • Grilling. Hannah makes the fire.
    • Hearth cooking. Fire in the fireplace. Hannah makes the fire. Top down fire making method--IT WORKS!!!!! "How to Build a Better Fire" by John Gulland--Top-down. "I first tried this method to build a camp fire in a wilderness park almost 20 years ago. I've been using it ever since. It is absolutely reliable, and when it is done properly there is almost no smoke right from the start. Just place three or four full-sized split logs on the firebox floor or on the ground. Place several pieces of medium kindling across them and then maybe another layer of smaller pieces at right angles to those. Then put 10 or so pieces of fine kindling on top. Now take four or five full sheets of newspaper and roll each one up corner-to-corner and tie a sloppy knot in it. Knotting the paper helps to keep it from rolling around as it burns. Place the knots on top of the fine kindling. Light the paper and watch as the fire burns down through the light kindling, the heavy kindling and into the bottom logs. Using the top-down method, you can light the paper (or pine needles or other forest tinder) and watch the fire burn on its own for at least half an hour, or up to two hours if you are building a fire in a woodstove."
    • A hunter's fire and frog legs. Order a cord of wood for regular hearth cooking year round. Collect sticks and tinder for the fire.
    • gardening, cooking, etc. tools as design elements
    • cast iron the choice of settlers and others; source of iron.
    • sun oven uses the sun and some reflectors to cook the food--simple and effective

    Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. III John 1:2
    I will note here that I these are my personal notes and do not constitute professional advice. It would seem that this would go without saying, but in these times, one must make this clear. I take no responsibility for the reader's use of this information. Reader, I did my own research, you do yours.

    • The role of nutrition Malnourished people die from things that others do not die from. As a result of improper amounts and/or types of food their body systems are greatly weakened and that amazing immune system is not fed what it needs. Without the vitamin C of pine needs, citrus, etc. the body can't fight off what it normally would. A woman with child who has an iodine deficiency can have a deaf child. One who lacks folic acid can have a blind child. Inadequate zinc and vitamin E can cause reproductive problems. One does not have to know all these things, but understand that nutrition and health are interrelated. Malnutrition does not mean a person is starving. It means that the nutritive value of their diet is poor. Americans, with their processed, denatured food and excessive sugar intake are malnourished. "Mal" means "bad" or "evil" as in "malefactor" or "malignant" or "malevolent". Today's incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and tooth decay in America has been linked with the consumption of prodigious amounts of sugar. This information has been long known--order, "Sweet Suicide" from ppnf.org. These types of diseases are practically unknown to those tribes eating according to their traditional diets. Read "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Weston Price. Order from ppnf.org.
    • An illustration of denatured food--the squirrel and the corn (he ate only the germ of the corn and left the rest. The nutritious germ is what they take out of white flour so its shelf life is extended. They add some powder to it and call it "enriched" instead of "stripped.").
    • Many of us are in a state of settled dehydration. I've read that this is the number one cause of fatigue in America. I am certainly in that bunch. After a particularly long spell of dehydration, I began to use empty pomegrante juice bottles for drinking water. I take them with me around the house. One person said that cancer can be flushed out via "water therapy" (by drinking about 1.5 quarts of water first thing in the morning before eating for six weeks). I don't know about that, but our bodies need that water and I felt good when I tried the water therapy. The cells, the blood, the tears, the glands, etc. need water. The flesh needs water.
    • Home Remedies
    • store.survivalcenter.com/products/Combat-Medicine-%252d-The-DVD-Series.html -- Combat Medicine-- for when there is no doctor.
    • www.hesperian.org/publications_download_wtnd.php -- Where There is No Doctor Online edition. Written on a 5th grade level. www.hesperian.org/publications_download.php#wtnd (Hesperian Download Page. May include some of these titles, "Where Women Have No Doctor," "A Book for Midwives, Where There is No Dentist, Disabled Village Children, Women With Disabilities, Helping Children Who are Deaf, Helping Children Who are Blind, Sanitation and Cleanliness.
    • Our foundation is in the dust. Studied components of soil and man. How plants bring up dust and incorporate it into forms for us to eat and be nourished. Have rock collection. Studied rocks as repositories of the minerals and dust we need. Studied clay, stones, precious stones (gems), and metals--particularly Bible metals and Tubal-Cain as the father of every artificer of brass and iron (which would include the current computer builder).
    • Anatomy: Gross anatomy worksheet, Bones--used skeleton model that we named Ezekiel 37, Inwards--used 26 piece torso model that we named Julia Corruptible Adam (ordered this and skeleton from changbioscience.com (put aside male portion).
    • Comparative anatomy when we arrived at Leviticus 11
    • Work, not exercise. Work, not games. As a baby, Hannah sat with me as I did yardwork and grew up to love our yard. One day out in the yard, she exclaimed, "This is the second funnest place to a farm!" At three, Hannah was happy to empty the dishes from the dishwasher into her "stash" (two low cabinets). Children do not know that work is not fun. She may not think that the dishes are so much fun anymore, but she does know that they must be done. She still loves the yard and I have a good helper. I've slowly learned that I do not have to do everything by myself. I have a helper. They say that the sun is the best source of vitamin D. It helps the body to absorb the calcium that our bones and teeth need.
    • Sinus Treatment Protocols ||| How I treated my gingivitis ||| Uses of Urine
    • Common plagues worldwide--they are found in the scriptures--Name/Description of Symptoms, Cause, Prevention, Treatment. Many are a result of overcrowding and bad sanitation--be separate, stay at home, in times past the rich would send their children out into the country to stay, wash your hands, and get sick as we all do--this is very important early on. When a person gets sick, as with chicken pox, the heart and immune system rise up to meet the challenge and gain strength and power in the process. I sadly let a doctor give my daughter a chickenpox vaccination. Her body did not get the privilege and blessing of overcoming that invader. Animals raised in a germ free enviroment are so weak because they did not get sick.
    • Bone density. I read that bone density increases as children walk and move around-- especially from age 9 to about 14. I've personally felt that I have carried my good health from when I was a youth running around from morning to night. Hannah will never have that life. For one, she will not be a companion of fools like I was (I was a fool too), for two, it is too dangerous in our society for children to roam far and wide on their own. In addition to working in the house and out of the house, we take an early morning walk through the neighborhood in all weather which has proven a most pleasing way to wake up and start the day. We get our blood flowing, may recite Spanish verbs, have conversations in Spanish, talk about things, etc. I can see that both of us are gaining strength also. We come back and read our Bibles until 8 am when school starts. We rode our bicycles to a local grocery once (early on a Sunday morning with little traffic) and are now looking to go further to a local health food store. We recently walked several miles to the post office and then to the local health food store. That was quite an adventure. The next morning she was sore for our morning walk, but by the evening she was ready to go on another long walk. Maybe we will walk to the health food store at least once a week. I no longer shop at the big outlets. We are looking to grow our own food and forage with supplemental food from the health food store.
    • CPR--heart and lungs
    • Left side has more things.
    • Enema working from colon to appendix
    • rib regeneration.
    • Nosebleeds. [Update: We've found something that works well for us, see How to Stop a Nosebleed] I've read that the plant "lamb's ear" is antiseptic and was once used as a surgical bandage, wash cloth (though it is a little small), and other applications that required absorption. It caught my eye because I already had some in my landscape. I also read that it could be used to stop nosebleeds, something Hannah has every once in a while. I tried it and it continues to work for us. I take a medium sized leaf, rinse squeezing out excess water without tearing, tore it in half down along that center "vein", and then roll it up sort of bruising it as I go to release it antiseptic properties. I stick it in Hannah's bleeding nose, not too far up she'll tell me when to stop. It works beautifully. She does not lean back (we stopped that when we discovered the "thumb's up" method of stopping nosebleeds). The lamb's ear acts like a wonderful little gauze plug. She can sit and read hands free. We oftentimes do not have to change it, but if the bleeding is somewhat heavy, we'll change it ever so often. Its easy to grow and requires no care from us. We took a few pieces started more patches of it. One patch next to a bush in a sunny area is thriving. They like sun. I hear it is native to the the Middle eastern region, e.g., Turkey and Iran where it grows as a weed. Another benefit of Lamb's ear is that the bees love the flowers (which I used to ignorantly pinch off.)--with colony collapse disorder (CCD) I want to help the bees when I can. I also have yarrow which is sometimes called, "Nosebleed". I do not know how to use it yet.
    • David Brainerd: Missionary to the Red Man. Tuberculosis pathology study opens up study of other epidemic diseases.
    • Life without toilet paper. What if you could not buy toilet paper? Many in this world would consider American toileting habits unsanitary. You may go in a bathroom with no toilet paper at all. There may only be water and soap. Many live without toilet paper. If you were unable to obtain toilet paper, what would you do? It is useful to see how others from the past and present have taken care of these needs. Look at the bidet. If you have a sink in your bathroom you can arrange your own kind of bidet. Some have kept a bucket of salt water to attend to toilet needs. I don't know how all these things worked, but I know that the future of my people is the woods and doing without so I must make explorations.
    • Club car: materials to avoid the public restroom
    • Dental: toothbrush from chewing the end of a non-poisonous twig (done elsewhere); make your own toothpaste; mouth brushing instead of toothbrushing--I read that your teeth take up only 10% of the inside of your mouth. We brush in the crevice between lip and gum, tongue, roof of mouth, etc.; flossing is important. Almost all Americans get serious gum disease by middle age.
    • Ear care--wax (no Q-tips, they pack it in--old days scooped it out with a small apparatus), swimmer's drops.
    • Thermodynamics: Heat, Cold (hypothermia victims die at an average temperature of 58 degrees.
    • Vitals -- Heart and lungs are critical functions. Without them, we will die--hence the importance of understanding something about CPR, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. An accident victim may have a broken leg, but if he can't breathe or if his heart is not beating, there is no use focusing on his leg. The emergency technician checks his vitals first--the heart and the breathing--by visual observation or other means.
    • Mechanical injury

    The future of the true church is the woods. The idyllic bucolic farm life of yesteryear is rapidly disappearing under the oppression of the masters of the present--and yet that old life, that real life, can teach us (and our children) how to live life with greater dignity, ingenuity, and increasing physical and mental independence from the industrial system and its physical and mental gridlocking of mankind.

    • The Army Survival Manual--When I downloaded this book years ago, I thought that tribulation was being in the woods; but with a focusing of my perception, I came to realize that the woods has been man's way of life for millenia. So that begged the question, what are we doing now? What exactly is our way of life? How can one live without modern "conveniences" (are they really that convenient if we lose all your skills and our children turn out to be sots?).
    • Hand tools--my collection started JUST because I saw tools that had a Bible name, e.g., plane, plumb (from plumbline), compass, sickle, etc. I did not know that I would learn how to USE them! I tried sawing and had big issues. Then I remembered "he that shaketh the saw". I suffered the word of exhortation and have been handsawing ever since! I scorned all power gadgets, but one day, I think I was in a bind and actually picked up my husband's drill and looked at it. "Oh the bit goes here," before you know it, the job is done. Knowing the hand tools frees a person from electricity and allows them to know the fundamentals of the tool.
    • At historical museums, I look at how houses, garments, fireplaces, gardens, barns, etc. were built, furnished and used. I look at the chickens and goats (eggs and milk are superfoods to round out what I want to grow. They are all-around foods and the protein they provide is what the body uses to build flesh). I look at how people were dressed. Things were utilitarian and built to last. An older man does work at our home. His truck advertises him as, "Man". Wow what an advertisement. In other words, whatever you need a man to do, he can do it. He does what I call lasting carpentry--and I watch him.
    • In Year 3 our homemade mathematics book (Daniel & Father I: Journey to a Colonial Village) changed my life by the superintending power of the Lord. The book sent me on a journey to Jamestowne (named after King James VI & I whose name is on our Bible). That next summer, I realized that we had a home but not a homestead. It was soon after this that I ordered and received the late Carla Emery's "Encyclopedia of Country Living" a must have written in an engaging and effective manner. It was a word of confirmation to me and A HELP to get me more on my way to a self-sustaining homestead to leave as an inheritance to my daughter. A house in an HOA-ruled subdivision with green monocultured grass, weed killer, no milk and egg producing animals, and little or no food is not a homestead. If one cannot live without the grocery store, etc. one does not live on a homestead. If one has no self-sustaining plot to hand down to the next generation, that generation will have no homestead, but inherited dependency. My definition of a good yard changed. Daniel I also sent us solidly on a journey through American history beginning at Jamestowne, Revolution, Constitution, up to the end of American national sovereignty, and the perilous journey into world government--the history now being written. The Native American, the colonist, the frontiersman, and the American of the early 20th century became my teachers through the books and artifacts presented before my very eyes. The smallest details did not go unnoticed. Not simply an intellectual curiosity, I incorporated those things that work for us. The children's section at the used book section of the library has proven a RICH source of material--older, intelligent books (along with some intelligent recent additions). Since there is much ground to cover, I go with the rough definition and let the details get worked out later (if ever)--e.g., I can tack a warm quilt, but it won't win the best-quilt contest.
    • Mini chicken coop
    • water-powered backup sump pump --Liberty Pumps model SJ10.
    • An Urban Homestead (feeding 4 people off of a tenth of an acre, raising 8,000 pounds of food on a 66x66 plot, information on homesteading/self-sufficiency/subsistence farming. The man with the ox and the plow and his independence is FAR BETTER off physically and mentally than the indebted, dependent, soft, college-educated (It is late and America is closing down, but by making small changes here and there, our lives can approximate a more primitive lifestyle), work it, teach it to your children and give it to them as their inheritance so they have a place to live.)
    • Chickens: George Washington Carver on managing the flock
    • supplies for going off grid--as in "living without electricity, batteries, washer and dryer, etc." We've improvised many supplies right here in my house and made a few choice purchases.)
    • Storage & Emergency food
    • A cistern
    • When the lights go out
    • Solar oven, "Sun Oven"
    • A Homemade Water Filter--sand, rocks, gravel, fabric, a 5 gallon bucket--the algae will come along and help us out.


    My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned: then spake I with my tongue. Psalm 39:3

    • Called from The Labyrinth of the World
    • A Disturbing, Yet Exciting Journey--A Look at the Self-Life
    • A Quiet Revolution
    • Rearing a Generation of Prophets and Wise Men
    • Make Room for Jesus
    • Master & the Scholar: A Return to Biblical Scholarship
    • All Things are Yours
    • The woods is our future (Yr. 2)
    • The Pleasure Principle
    • Women in Pants--practice started as a rebellion (Yr. 2)
    • "Teenager"--a new term coined to describe a commercial market
    • Important early understandings concerning time, space, and matter
    • Biblical Scholarship
    • Developing the useless man
    • New wine in new bottles
    • The Fire is Lit (My Father...)
    • Hook up with Itself
    • Greek Learning is Detrimental
    • Early Sign Language is Detrimental
    • Modern Textbooks
    • A Wonder Room
    • Living Isaiah 54...many sisters have it worse than you do
    • Growing up under the scriptures...immersed in a world of champions for God that slay giants; a world of the ancients; a world of exploits; a world of ancient manhood, womanhood, childhood; a world where a woman builds a city; a world where a woman slays captain of an enemy host and another judged Israel while she lived with her husband Lapidoth under a palm tree; a world of more understanding...


    • Mephibosheth & Youngman
    • Why our [sanctified] schools are explosive
    • The Professor (I went looking for answers to Calculus questions, I walked away stunned.)
    • The Tutor (Response to one who gives modern man too much credit.)
    • A Young Mother (She wouldn't take the most important piece of advice.)
    • All music is not the same
    • What is music?
    • Letter to a Dead Woman
    • A Warning

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